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Becoming A Mermaid For A Day Is Now Possible On This Greek Island

Over the last few years, the interest in mermaids has skyrocketed. There isn’t really an explanation why, but many countries have services that offer to send out mermaids for a birthday party or large celebration. It is not as easy as it sounds to become one, but there are classes a person can take to learn.

‘Mermaiding’ as it is called, has become so popular over the years that a few places now offer classes on presentation and proper technique. Swimming with a tail usually involves jumping into a pool at a private residence.

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On the Greek island of Corfu in the Mediterranean, a group is offering courses on being a mermaid. The one difference between this class and others? The student has the chance to swim through the ocean of the coast of Corfu.

This allows students to have a more natural mermaid feeling while swimming through the deep blue. Some students say they feel a deeper connection when they glide through the open water.

For mermaids to be able to swim through the water, they are equipped with a professional monofin that acts as their ‘tail.’ A monofin is a fin that is usually used for long-distance or deep-sea diving.

In Greek mythology, the mermaids were referred to as ‘sirens.’ They sang beautiful music that would lead sailors to crash their ships onto jagged rocks. To the sailors, it was sometimes so hypnotizing, they’d simply walk off the boat and into the water.

Today’s mermaids are nothing the ones in Greek mythology, something we can all be thankful for. But they do have a magic about them that, despite their flashy costumes, inspire others to connect with what makes them feel truly fulfilled.

If other people can transform themselves into mermaids, what’s stopping you from transforming into what you have always dreamed of?

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