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Meet The Toughest 9-Year-Old Girl That Completed The Navy SEAL Obstacle Course

Courtesy of Milla Bizzotto’s Aunt

It’s always good when kids embrace a healthy sports routine at a young age. Professional athletes start practicing early, at the age of 7 or 8. Milla Bizzotto is one of them, but has a rather uncommon passion for fitness and loves being in the gym.

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Milla trains from three hours to four hours every weekday. This girl is that passionate that her father’s biggest challenge is to get her out of the gym. Her father Christian Bizzotto is her own coach and is making sure she is working out well.

This incredibly strong and committed to fitness 9-year-old has completed a 24-hour course designed for Navy SEALs. The challenge required running 36 miles, swimming for 8 kilometers and 25 obstacles, six times!

Watch this video her father posted on Youtube of Milla preparing for the Navy SEALs challenge

Milla, a former victim of bullying, showed that everything is possible if you maintain high self-discipline and determination.

Her father stated that she is not allowed to eat unhealthy food, but does not exaggerate in limiting her some treats she likes the most, as an ice-cream or a pizza with her friends. Anyway, he likes to make sure she is not eating any food with pesticides and that she’s getting enough vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables.

Courtesy of Milla Bizzotto’s Aunt

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Milla’s friends prefer to play video games, but she’s not a big fan of them. She prefers achieving in real life what her friends do in video games. Milla enjoys making her body stronger and ready for new challenges.

This girl set an example for everyone lacking the motivation to start being fit. Just follow what you enjoy most and dedicate your free time to it, and anything will be possible!

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