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Millennials Vs GenX: Similarities And Differences

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The years Millennials and Generation X were born is what sets the two generations apart.

Millennials are people born between the years 1981-1996.

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Generation X is a word used to describe the generation that was born before them between the years 1965-1980.

While the eldest Millennial is now thirty-eight years old, the eldest member of Gen X is approximately fifty for years old. The generation that came before Gen X is normally referred to as baby boomers.

From their differences in age, you can already predict what part of life the people in the different generations currently are.

While Generation X is mostly retired and settled down, Millennials are just now trying to find balance and stability.

On top of years of age, many factors have played a role in distinguishing the two generations. Below are some of them:


While both generations have a handle on the technology of the world, Millennials, in particular, have grown up their entire lives with first-hand access to technology.

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The first personal computer to be distributed commercially was made in the year 1975, where the youngest Gen X was about 10 years old.

Not to mention that it was super expensive and only the elite had access to it.

Millennials, on the other hand, are born into homes where they have unlimited access to laptops and computers. They also have televisions and access to the internet hence are u to date with world issues.

Millennials are also sometimes referred to as the social media generation because they literally grew up in the face of social media evolution.


Where Gen X held religion closely and observed the teachings, Millennials are moving more towards spirituality and practices that require less commitment.

They are moving from mainline religions like Christianity as they feel like their unique needs are being ignored.

The topic of sexuality, for example, is being completely ignored in many churches today. They are hence moving towards ‘Atheism’ and taking up practices like Yoga which they consider to be more accepting.

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Family And Marriage

More and more Millennials are staying away from the religious norm that was set up by the generation before them.

Because of growing behind a screen and in double-income homes where parents were not always around, Millennials have taken up solitary lifestyles.

This is in contrast to the communal lifestyles Gen X grew up in. Gen X grew up in the church which ensured that the aspect of community was respected.

Because of their busy lives, many Millennials are putting off marriage and family at an age where Gen X was starting their families.

They are also accommodating new lifestyle choices in regards to relationships.

They are more open to the ideas of same-sex marriages, threesomes, and open marriages. Sexuality has taken a whole new heartbeat with Millennials.


Millennials experience more freedom and equality as compared to their counterparts growing up. Women, for example, are respected more thought the world.

Therefore, we see more women in power today than we did from Gen X.

Different Cultures

Gen X was raised in a culture of loyalty and respect. Millennials on the other hand like to practice logic in decision making.

They identify with the word ‘woke’ where they question every belief and custom there is.

The younger generation also has little patience compared to Gen x. They are dreamers and go after what they want whereas Gen X is somewhat the opposite. Millennials believe they are the change they wish to see in the world.

Financial Status

Millennials are done with college and the youngest of the lot is currently embarked in job hunting.

They are struggling with paying off student loans and crippling unemployment. Some are forced to juggle between two and three jobs to make ends meet.

This makes them very busy and most have little to no time for a personal life. Because of this, many of them are foregoing family life and marriage.

With their incomes, Millennials are just getting started on experimenting with their newly acquired buying power. Gen X, on the other hand, are on their first mortgage and raising toddlers. This makes their needs vary greatly.


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