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Samsung Is Working On A Mind-Controlled TV And It Might Be One Of Their Most Futuristic Projects

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Technology has come a long way, with some of the things we use today having once been science fiction. Talking on small screens was usually part of some futuristic action movie, but now it’s everyday life for some. Even the simple remote was once just an idea on paper.

Current advancements in technology seem to be focusing heavily on enhancing the experience of watching shows or movies on our televisions. With TVs that curve and give us definition like we’re looking through a window, what else is there to add?

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Samsung, the tech company known for its Galaxy devices and curving 4k television screens, has added something else to their list of creations. While our TVs can do a lot of things for us, they still may require grabbing a remote, making the actual changing of channels a little difficult if you can’t find yours.

The South Korean tech giant has come up with a novel solution to the problem known as ‘Project Pontis.’ This device will allow users to control the functions of a TV remote using the power of their mind. That’s right, you can change the channel even if your remote’s batteries are dead.

The Center of Neuroprosthetics of the Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne (EPFL) has teamed up with Samsung to see how it will help the disabled community, the people that Project Pontis was intended for.

Samsung demonstrated Project Pontis at a tech show in San Francisco recently, making sure to stress once again that it was not just for couch potatoes too lazy to find the clicker.

It’s good to see that more people are concerned with the well-being and quality of life for the disabled community. Similar technology has been built for people with prosthetic limbs, allowing them to control certain movements of their limbs with a thought.

It will be interesting to see how technology within Samsung grows because of Project Pontis.

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