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How A Mini Horse Became A Member Of This Family

Credit: Connie Collum

Adopting a pet is always a great way to help start a family. The go-to animal for most people is a dog or a cat. Some may go for a fish, hamster, or something exotic like a bearded dragon. What’s a family to do, though, when an animal is looking to adopt them?

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Connie and Craig Collum live on their farm with their son, five dogs, and two horses. During a particularly frigid January, while in their Helena, Alabama home the couple spotted an escaped mini horse they had mistaken for a dog.

When they realized what the animal was, the Collums hurried to try and get the animal to safety.

Credit: Connie Collum

After some looking around, the couple had found that Benjamin the Mini horse had escaped from a neighbor that lived only three houses down from them. According to the little equine’s owner, Benjamin had a bad habit of getting through the fence whenever he saw a chance.

He was also the only living horse out of 20 that were inherited.

A man driving by two weeks later knocked to inform the couple that their horse had escaped its pasture and was lying in front of the fence. Since he had taken a liking to the Collums and the owner didn’t know what to do with him, the couple was asked if they could find the mini horse a home.

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Considering where little Benjamin ended up, Connie and Craig might not have looked too hard because the escape artist became a member of their family.

In their eyes, the miniature horse was simply looking for companionship to relieve his loneliness. The couple says they’ve observed that the animal’s mood picks up whenever he’s around the dogs or their son.

They also believe that the horse knew that going to them would change his life.

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