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Would You Dare To Try Some Of These Most Dangerous Sports On Earth

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Many cultures in our world have pioneered sports that almost every country in the world now plays. And yet, no matter how much padding players put on or the caution coaches’ display, it does not take away from the danger of the sport.

Football itself can be brutal, sometimes leading to possible concussions. In soccer, a kick in the right spot can bust your knees. Even with those possible injuries, they are nowhere near as dangerous as the following sports:

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1. BASE Jumping

Do you remember being a kid and tying a bed sheet to your wrists and ankles before jumping off a roof? Imagine if one of those kids grew up and never grew out of their desire to plummet headlong back down towards the Earth.

BASE (which stands for Building, Antenna, Span and Earth) jumping is the act of parachuting from either the edge of a cliff or the very top of a large building or antenna. While considered an extreme sport, it is illegal in most places.

The biggest danger that comes with jumping is the possibility of a rogue wind severely dragging you off course. I think I’ll keep my feet planted on terra firma.

2. Heli-Skiing

If jumping from ridiculous heights wasn’t crazy enough for you, why not satisfy that need for a rush with ‘Heli-skiing?’ With the aid of a helicopter, skiers and snowboarders shred down slopes that would otherwise be inaccessible.

History has already shown us what a danger it is to simply speed down a mountain.

The dangers of this sport include helicopters meeting turbulence on their way to the slope, possible sudden changes in the weather, and the off-chance of triggering and being buried under an avalanche.

As much fun as it is to play in the slow, charging downhill at breakneck speeds just seems like a bad idea.

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3. Scuba Diving

The art of SCUBA (Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) is not one for those who might easily panic. The gear used in this extreme sport allows divers to breathe underwater for a few minutes to a few hours at a time.

Rising back to the surface at too high a right may cause something called “decompression illness,” requiring time in a hyperbaric chamber. That also comes with the dangers of spinal cord injury, brain, and lung failure.

Don’t forget all the creatures with sharp teeth either

4. Cave Diving

Cave diving has become quite popular in recent years. Also known as “spelunking,” they are a few well-known places such as the underwater caves of Mexico. In that location, a few agencies offer guided exploration.

The biggest danger of cave diving is either having no light or not enough light, leading to a chance of separating from your partner or group. It’s also inadvisable to attempt surfacing for air or risk a severe skull fracture.

5. Bull Riding

Bulls are massively muscular creatures that are part of the bovine family. Considered a rodeo sport, bull riding is understandably one of the most dangerous sports in existence. This is a favorite among those who are about the “country life” or country living.

Falls alone can cause a number of injuries and the bull, which can weigh as much as a small car, might just feel like stomping out the person that was just on their back.

This one shouldn’t be too hard to avoid, right?

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6. Big-Wave Surfing

Anyone about the ocean life knows that many surfers’ lifelong dream is to ride the “big one.” The sports starts with swells that measure up to 20ft in height. To gain the title of Surf King, though, one must ride a 100-ft wave. In addition to bragging rights, the first one to successfully ride such a large swell will receive $100,000.

As cool as all that sounds, the swells can drag you underneath the surface and keep you under till you hit your head on a rock. The constant whipping underwater may also get you bumped right into your own board.

7. Street Luge

As a kid, I played a smaller and less serious version with a friend using skateboards. Using a special luge board or sled, participants roll downhill at high speeds, whipping past spectators.

When it comes to the sport’s legal status, things get a little murky.

To roll yourself downhill, you’ll need an outfit similar to what a motorcycle rider would wear. Dangers of the sport might include collisions with unaware motorists or taking a turn so fast you are catapulted from your board.

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