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7 Most Expensive Foods In The World

We all have a favorite food we enjoy. Tasting it or even just seeing it brings us a joy like no other, and it doesn’t have to be all that expensive. Some of us might enjoy a simple burger from a fast food joint and others might go crazy over peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Even so, there are places in the world that make it a habit to figuratively pile money onto their food. Here are some of the most unbelievably expensive foods in the world:

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1. Berco’s Billion Dollar Popcorn

We all know and love popcorn. It is common to see it sold at a movie theater, county fair, or a circus. Depending on the size of the serving you ordered, it can cost anywhere $3 to $15. Over time, it’s only gotten more expensive right?

You might think that until you see the tag on Berco’s Billion Dollar Popcorn. On the Berco website, you can zoom in on the popped kernels and see the gold leaf dusted over them.

The lowest they charge for their popcorn is $5. That’s not for a bag, but a single kernel of their signature product. Their most expensive package? A 6.5-gallon tin that cost a total of $2500.

2. Golden Opulence Sundae

Ice cream is a dessert that has been reinvented into many different flavors over the course of its existence. As time has progressed, ice cream parlors have gotten more inventive with menus personalized to the surrounding area.

The Golden Opulence Sundae is a menu item available at Serendipity 3 in New York City, a parlor featured on Gossip Girl and Serendipity. It comes with 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream topped with 23-karat gold leaf and caviar.

If you’re in the mood for ice cream and have $1000 just lying around, drop in and try the Golden Opulence Sundae.

3. Black Diamond Ice Cream

Pints in the grocery store are available at a range of prices, but $6 is nothing compared to this next food on the list. The Black Diamond Ice Cream is available at Scoop in the country of Dubai.

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It consists of a pint of vanilla bean ice cream from Madagascar, black truffles, saffron, and flakes and powder from 23-carat gold. You can have this delicious morsel for a nominal $816 USD.

Sure it’s expensive, but at least you aren’t left with cardboard made flimsy by melted ice cream. You get to take home a silver spoon and the gold bowl the ice cream was served in.

4. The World’s Most Expensive Taco

Food trucks are accessible in a great deal of places, some known as ‘taco trucks’ offering $7 for 8 tacos. You can choose from a variety of meats and vegetables as well, and it comes with a homemade salsa.

At Grad Velas Los Cabos in Las Vegas, they have what is touted at the World’s Most Expensive Taco, and it definitely is. For $25,000, you get a taco stuffed with Kobe beef, Almas Beluga caviar, langoustine, and black truffle brie cheese.

Don’t expect something cheap like Tecate to be served alongside the taco. For an extra $150,000 you can wash it down with a white gold and platinum bottle of top-shelf tequila.

5. While Pearl Albino Caviar

Just two pound of this will run you $9100. The eggs are procured from the albino sturgeon, a large ocean fish that resides in the Caspian Sea. The only time these eggs are gathered is when the fish are estimated to be at least a century old.

6. Ayam Cemani

A special breed bred in Indonesia, a pair of these rare chicken can cost you as much as $5,000. Head to toe, they are noticeably darker than other chickens. It is widely known as the “Lamborghini of poultry,” and is a folk remedy for various illnesses.

Many attempts to sell ‘counterfeit chickens’ online for anywhere from $75 to $500. There are believed to be as little as 2,700 of actual Ayam Cemani alive in Indonesia today.

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7. The $1000 Bagel

At the New York City Westin Hotel, you can get a bagel that puts coffee house bagels to shame. Topped with Alba white truffle cream cheese, it also comes with goji berry-infused Riesling jelly and golden ‘leaves.’

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