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Most Famous Unsolved Crimes Of All Time

Life gets to be pretty difficult for people sometimes. Whether they are out ‘grinding’ to get their work done, or job hunting 12 hours a day, things don’t always turn out how they hope. And when people get desperate, they sometimes resort to a life of crime.

The odd thing is, despite the resources that many law enforcement agencies possess, many people get away. Here are some of the most well-known unsolved crimes in history:

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1. Jack the Ripper

Jack the Ripper was a shadowy figure during 1888 back in London. The choice of victims for his rampage was the city’s prostitutes. Choosing to stalk his victims during the night, he murdered them and then removed their uterus, suggesting he may have been a surgeon or mortician.

Jack the Ripper was never caught, so his identity may forever remain a mystery to the world at large. There have been fictional adaptions of the story suggesting that the string of murders stopped because he was caught. It remains of the most notorious unsolved crimes of all time and his identity will likely remain a mystery for all time.

2. The Black Dahlia

One of the most notorious crimes in United States history, 22-year-old actress Elizabeth Short was found murdered and left in an empty Los Angeles lot on January 15, 1947. Her nickname, inspired by a previously released movie, was a reference to the long, black hair she was sporting.

An exhausting investigation led authorities to question more than 150 people suspected of the crime, but none could be tied to the murder itself.

Though unsolved, former Los Angeles police detective Steve Hodel, believed after looking through his father George’s things, that he may have been the one who killed Short and many others around the same time.

3. Murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman

This is a case that many people have fresh in their minds, despite how long it has been since it happened. Nicole Brown Simpsons, wife of ex-NFL player O.J. Simpson, and friend Ron Goldman were both found stabbed to death in the Simpsons’ home.

Based on the case presented by defense attorney Johnny Cochran, prime suspect O.J. was found innocent of the double-homicide.

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The ex-football player has on numerous occasions shared how he would have committed the crime, leaving many to wonder if he was truly innocent of the crimes committed against his late wife and friend.

4. Death of Betty Shanks

22-year-old Betty Shanks was a native of Brisbane, Australia who was murdered in 1952. It is one of the oldest cold cases to come out of the commonwealth state of Queensland, Australia. There is no definitive answer as to who or what killed her, but Australian historian Lyle Reed shared a theory in manuscript form with authorities: accidental death by the police officer. Reed believed one of the “boys in blue” had hit the young woman with a motorcycle and killed her on impact.

Despite the evidence collected by Reed, law enforcement ultimate dismissed what the historian had presented.

5. Murder of Jean Marie Townsend

After Miss Townsend left a party the night of September 14, 1954, and went missing. Her body was found in South Ruislip, England the very next morning. Visual examination appeared to determine someone strangled the young woman with her own scarf.

Many rumors suggested the culprit was an American soldier, but no one was ever identified.

Thanks to a few anonymous tips, the case was reopened in 1982. As fate would have it, the case went cold a second time and to this day remains unsolved.

6. The Love Me Tender Murders

Love Me Tender was a movie starring rock legend Elvis Presley. On the night of December 28, 1956, in Chicago, sisters Barbara and Patricia vanished without a trace after the movie let out.

Crime historian Ray Johnson said “What followed was one of the most labour-intensive missing persons.

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To the dismay of family and authorities, both girls’ bodies were found devoid of clothing on the side of a road.

The coroner on the case determined the girls died of exposure to the elements within hours the night they disappeared. It’s partially thanks to his report the case went cold.

7. The Sims family murders in Tallahassee

Parents Robert and Helen Sims were found dead on October 22, 1966, along with their daughter Joy. The three victims were discovered by Joy’s older sister, Jeanie, after arriving home from babysitting.

Despite the large search that went underway, none of the suspected individuals were ever tied to the crime. What makes the crime especially odd is that the family didn’t appear to have enemies and there didn’t seem to be any motive to the crime.

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