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8 Famous Movies You Might Not Have Known Were Adapted From Books

Everyone loves a good movie. When you know a good movie, YOU KNOW a good movie. Let’s find out how many of these movies you knew were made from a previous novel.

1. Tom Hanks is Forrest Gump

The movie Tom Hanks is Forrest Gump, yes that’s the real title of the movie, was adapted from the Novel Forrest Gump by Winston Groom. Winston Groom had originally written Forrest Gump differently than the writers had in the movie. He wasn’t a kind simple man but in fact was quite vulgar.

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Along with the difference in character, the plot point of the movie was changed as well. In the book he went to space and came back down to an island of cannibals. Kind of reminds me of another Tom Hanks movie where he is on an island yelling at a ball that he named, Winston. Interesting, is it not?

2. Mrs. Doubtfire

Yes, the all-time classic Mrs. Doubtfire was not an original story made up by the brilliant director Chris Columbus. Before the late Robins Williams, as amazing as an actor that he was, played the iconic role as Mrs.

Doubtfire, there was the original story; Madame Doubtfire by Anne Fine. The difference between the written form and creative masterpiece was that in the book, the two eldest kinds new that their dad was their nanny, and that he managed to fool his wife and his youngest daughter.

3. Shutter Island

Along with famous movies and great actors, the is film has made the list. The original story line behind Shutter Island was written by Dennis Lehane. He wrote this book as an homage to pulp novels and B-movies.

Well even some B-movies come out great and can rise to the top to become something greater than they were thought to be.

4. Holes

Even Disney has figured out that Books can provide great stories about random genres. What is the story Holes by Louis Sachar about? Well it’s not changed much. Mr. Stanley Yelnats is cursed by the same curse that has plagued their family for generations.

He is forced to a juvenile detention center in the desert and is made to dig holes every day until he learns what he has done is wrong. Doesn’t sound much different than the movie? That’s because it’s not. Looks like Disney isn’t as caveman as they appear to be.

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5. Die Hard

The famous Die Hard series that was made so popular by Bruce Wills and all of the movies this made were in fact not even an original idea. It wasn’t even an original idea from the writer himself. Nothing Lasts Forever by Roderick Thorp was a sequel to the story The Detective.

There’s no doubt, if a million-dollar movie franchise can be made from a sequel of Mr. Thorp’s writing, then it must be an excellent read! If you’d like to see a movie version of what became before Die hard, watch the movie The Detective starring Frank Sinatra. You’re welcome.

6. Goodfellas

You have seen the movie Goodfellas right? You know that in every role Robert DeNiro plays he seems to look like he’s going to hurt whoever he is talking to? Then you won’t need the entire plot line described to you. Good on you, fella.

The all-time favorite Goodfellas was made from the writer Nicholas Pileggi. Nicholas isn’t your common author. He’s a journalist. That’s right, this movie was based off a story of real events. Go back and watch the movie with that information.

7. I Am Legend

Yes, the legend itself is not as legendary as it may seem in fact. The brilliant author behind the legend is Richard Matheson. A solo man in New York. The last man on earth trying to survive an outbreak that was supposed to be the cure for cancer.

Well, the cancer has been cured, there is just one very severe side-effect. Is it death? Is it de-evolution? It is an invasion of what looks to be 19th century gothic vampires? You’ll have to read the original to find out!

8. Fight Club

First rule of Fight Club, you do not talk about Fight Club. Second rule of Fight Club, you do not talk about Fight Club. Now unless you’ve had any special training, just like most people, you learned that you can make explosives out of common household items.

If you were wondering what book this came from, it’s called Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk. IF you have seen this movie enough times to know what is going on, then you should know the mind of this person, must go farther and deeper than this feature length film.

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Tyler Durden, I mean, Chuck Palahniuk must have gone further down the rabbit hole than Alice ever did. This is definitely a must read.

How many of these films did you know that came from books? Were you surprised by some of them, or did they catch you off guard? Well, it looks like you’ve got some movies to watch and some books to read, enjoy!

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