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Top 30 Movie Sequels That You Will Love In 2020

Your favorite movies are back! If you believed that you wouldn’t see some characters again, well… you will love that you were wrong! Hollywood movie producers, actors, and directors worked hard the last few years to bring the most popular blockbusters back to cinemas.

This time sequels are better, bigger, and with more insane plots. Read on to see the top 30 movies that are scheduled to kick off in 2020. Some titles will shock you, but you will love them.

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30. Indiana Jones 5

Indiana Jones is back. Again. Moreover, Harrison Ford is back as famous professor Indiana Ford. He is ready to whip for another exciting adventure.

Everyone’s favorite archaeologist will fight someone and something, but the plot is still a huge secret. Maybe Indiana is finally snake-fear-free?

29. Space Jam 2

Cartoon characters and Michael Jordan teamed up in far 1996 and delivered one of the most fun family movies ever – Space Jam. The film brought $6 billion to the studio. Now, they are ready to slam dunk again.

Parents and kids will enjoy new Space Jam 2. The movie release is still unknown, but the rumor has it that another NBA star will take toons to the victory – LeBron James.

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28. Pirates Of The Caribbean 6

Pirate of the Caribbean loves sequels. From 2003 when the fist Pirate movie premiered up to now, five different Pirate of the Caribbean premieres. Now, they are back for one more adventure, without one loved character.

Jack Sparrow no more. Johnny Depp is out 100%. No love between Depp and producers? No, just the idea for this movie is helmed by a female pirate. The script is in the making. We can’t wait to hear who the female pirate will be.

27. Gladiator 2

Twenty-five years after original, Ridley Scott is back to direct this Gladiator sequel. Rumors about long-waited Gladiator 2 were officially confirmed in November of 2018.

Gladiator 2 is heading into the arena with a new focus on Lucius, the nephew of Joaquin Phoenix’s character Commodus, who was killed by Russell Crowe’s Maximus in the first film. So far, no casting news has been announced, but they will be significant for sure.

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26. Bill & Ted Face The Music

Most lovable metalheads are back. Thirty years after the first adventure, Reeves and Winter agreed to play as Bill and Ted once again.

We know that Bill & Ted Face the Music is in pre-production, Winter confirmed that via Twitter. Yeah, dude! It’s on! Moreover, the original writers are here as well. It’s about time to see them together again.

25. McClane

So far, John McClane did so much for the world. He saved New York City, Eastern Europe, the FBI, and even Washington Dulles International Airport. The ‘Die Hard’ movies are one of the most successful franchises ever, so another installment is always welcome.

This action influencer is back, and Bruce Willis will save the world once again. This time, there is the bonus of a prequel within the sequel. Young McClane? Much needed.

24. Beetlejuice 2

Master of kid-friendly scary movies, Tim Burton, is director of yet another Beetlejuice movie. Beetlejuice premiered in 1987, won people’s hearts, and an Academy Award for special effects.

Now, thirty years later, a black and white striped suit is ready for another appearance. No release date has been set yet, but Beetlejuice 2 is definitely on.

23. Coming To America 2

African Prince Akeem is ready to come to America once again, 30 years later. ‘Coming to America’ was a big hit, and Eddie Murphy is available for the role of Prince Akeem.

The plot? Prince Akeem discovers that his lost son is living in America, and he comes to America to surprise him. Furthermore, most of the original crew is back. The sequel is ready for 2020.

22. Sherlock Holmes 3

Robert Downey Jr., Rachel McAdams, Jude Law, will team up for another Sherlock movie, set to premiere in 2021. However, there is a significant difference between the first two movies and this sequel.

Guy Ritchie won’t return to direct this long waited for the sequel. He is busy directing his new movie The Gentleman and planned sequels to King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. New HOlmes will be led by Dexter Fletcher.

21. ’23 Jump Street’

Everyone loves an odd couple, especially if they are cops. So, bringing Hill and Tatum again is always a good idea. Not only that, the dynamic acting duo is back, back producers as well, Phil Lord and Chris Miller.

Five years later, both writers and producers confirmed that 23 Jump Stress is happening. Jenko and Schmidt will bring law & order once again!

20. Austin Powers 4

Famous 60s spy had three major films between 1997-2002, but what happened to Austin Powers 4? The sequel is finally a possibility.

Of course, Mike Myers will be back for another role of Maike Myers. After all, he is the only one who can pull this role. He will also portray his own nemesis, Doctor Evil. This time the movie will focus more on Doctor Evil’s perspective. Only groovy, baby!

19. Triplets

Ok, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito together in movies, means three things only: success, success, and success. Famous actors started working during the 80s and together had four significant hits, including recognized ‘Twins.’

According to the latest rumors, the family of two will welcome the third brother in the new sequel. Who will be the third brother? None other than Eddie MUryphy. We just can’t wait for that brothers-meeting scene. The stage is set, the script is done, so the filming is on.

18. Murder On The Orient Express 2: Death On The Nile

Hercule Poirot is brilliant, passionate, and eager to solve any case. Moreover, he is always ready to board the Orient Express for new cases.

Kenneth Branagh will reprise his role of the famous detective, and in the director’s chair as well. Now, the plot will be around Agatha’s novel ‘Death on the Nile.’ This time, Gal Gadot and Armie Hammer will aboard as well.

17. Night of the Living Dead Part II

Seven people trapped ina farmhouse, somewhere in Pennsylvania, hiding from the ‘living dead.’ That was the plot of one of the best movies in the far 1968.

From that moment on, there have been several different sequels and even two noticeable remakes, but they were not the official sequel. Until now, at least. Night of the living dead is getting a long-deserved sequel. So far, plot details are being kept under wraps.

16. Avatar 2 (3, 4 & 5)

Avatar was released in 2009, and it had the highest opening for any film ever. Imagine just what will happen when new Avatar is released, with the latest cutting edge technology. Yes, James Cameron did it again.

Cameron transformed his vision for epic sci-fi movies again, thanks to the latest tech. Now, Avatar 2-5 will be underwater. Fun fact, all the movies were filmed at the same time. The release is set to stream between 2020-2025.

15. Gremlins 3

Gizmo lovers, buckle up, as the most cutest gremlin in back. The original Gremlins was a financial and critical success, and it was shocking for everyone. After that, Gremlins 2 was hit and miss.

Now, Gremlins are hungry for more. The script is all set, and the production is scheduled to start soon. We can’t wait for more comedy-horror hijinks.

14. Salt 2

Angelina Jolie fighting bad guys? Who wouldn’t want to see ‘Salt’ happening once again? Adventures for miss Jolie in this movie will be written by a new screenwriter, as Philip Noyce, the director of the first film, shows no interest in the sequel.

‘Salt’ is about to come to a Bourne-style franchise, and we can’t blame them. Sequal should be released in 2020.

13. Rush Hour 4

Rush Hour 4 never felt like a sure thing, since Rush Hour 3 premiered. Luckily, in 2017 both Chan and Tucker agreed to the script of the movie, and Rush is officially back.

In early 2019, Tacker shared a photo of a famous duo, each holding up four fingers. Rush Hour 4 will be released in August 2020.

12. Legally Blonde 3

Elle Woods has something to say, and you will get to hear in on February 14, 2020. Reese Witherspoon will help you practice your ‘bend and snap’ move because she is back for the role of famous Elle. ‘Legally Blonde 3’ will be pink and heroic, as Elle is.

Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde premiered in 2003, so probably several things happened to beloved Ellie in the meantime. Hold on a little bit more for new Elle adventuress.

11. Bond 25

Ok, so it’s no secret that Daniel Craig will return as James Bond in new movies about MI6 agent. But, did you know that this movie will center on Bond leaving the service?

Bond will help his friend, Felix Leiter, and on that road, he will have to face some of the most challenging obstacles ever. New Bond movie will be out on April 8, 2020.

10. Fast And The Furious 9

Not only that, we will see Fast and Furious 9 in 2020; by the following year, we will get to enjoy Fast and Furious 10, as well. The official announcement is that Fast and Furious 9 is set to premiere worldwide on Mya 22, 2020.

Fast and the Furious 10 pr Fast X how it will be called officially, is set to the final movie from this franchise. Maybe reboot will be scheduled after the last film?

9. Wonder Woman 1984

Sequal or not? Director of the new movie, Wonder Woman 1984, insists that the film is not a sequel to the 2017 superhero movie, but a natural development of the story. However, we will get to see Gal Gadot saving the world again, and that’s what matters the most.

Chris Pine joins Gal in the new movie of fantastic Wonder Woman. Yes, he died in the first film, but with a different timeline, he didn’t go to WWI. For the rest of the story, save the date: June 4, 2020.

8. Fantastic Beasts And Where to Find Them 3

Fantastic Beasts franchise will have five movies, and the third one is not named yet. However, the production is on, and the third part is set to welcome the fans on November 21, 2021.

So far, the producers only discovered that the entire movie would be set in Rio de Janeiro in the 1930s. A new location means new magical creatures for sure.

7. A Quiet Place 2

With a budget of only $20 million, ‘A Quiet Place’ shocked everyone when it earned precisely $340.9 million. Now, A Quiet Place comes with a bang with a sequel scheduled on May 15, 2020.

John Krasinski, the director, promises that this sequel is nothing similar to other sequels. No one knows if the story will follow the original characters, or we will see new faces. Anyway, it will be exciting. Even Emily Blunt was against the sequel until she read the script. Now we have some high expectations.

6. Godzilla vs. Kong

What do you get when you place a King Kong and Godzilla in one place? A blockbuster for sure. Kong: Skull Island in 2017 received positive revises and had a massive box-office success.

Since no one can tell for sure who would win in this battle, we will have to wait and set the new movie scheduled on March 11, 2020. Don’t miss this match.

5. Peter Rabbit 2

Another round of Peter Rabbit and his friends is set for February 7, 200, or if you are in the United Kingdom, you can check Petter Rabbit sequel on March 27, 2020.

Cheeky rabbit and his family are taking a trip to London, and while exploring this fantastic city, they will have to stop a poacher.

4. Bad Boys For Life

With this dynamic and fun duo, Miami has never been safer. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are bad for life, and no actor could replace them.

Bad Boys II came out eight years later, and we see detectives working and protecting the streets once again. “We ride together, and we die together, Bad Boys for life” line is scheduled for January 17, 2020. Now, check some awesome movies that period in the forth quartal of 2014.

3. Jumanji 2

If you keep hearing drum beats in the distance, that’s Jumanji calling for another adventure. It’s time to go back to the Jungle. The Rock, Kevin Hart, and few additional actors are ready to win in the next level.

Jumanji 2 is scheduled to return to theaters as soon as December 13, 2019.

2. Top Gun: Maverick

Paramount Pictures approved Top Gun 2, and Tom Cruz gladly accepted this new role. Considering how big sensation Top Gun was in 1986, it’s a little surprising that the studio took it so long to approve the sequel.

Even Val Kilmer joined the original crew, although he and Tom had some quarrels on the set of the first movie.

1. Maleficent 2

Angelina Jolie was born to play Maleficent. Before Angelina took in this role, we had no idea that there was another side of the story. Moreover, we had no idea that Maleficent can be such fun.

Jolie made Maleficent a little less evil, more relatable, and magical. Now, she is back. She is different now. You get to decide if she is bad or good. Maleficent is to be released on May 29, 2020.

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