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5 Best Movies To Watch With Bae

There are a few things couples can hardly agree upon- what food to order and which movie to watch. Since we can’t really know your dietary preferences and likes, we’ll have to let you deal with it by yourself. (However, it might be handy to have some spaghetti and a fine sauce of Bolognese to cook when you’re looking for a quick, but still romantic dinner. Think – Lady and The Tramp).

But, we can tell you what are some of the best movies you can watch with your bae that won’t annoy either of you. Depending on the genre of your preference, you may find some of these movies better than others. But no matter which one you choose to watch, the story of each movie will present the power of love in a new lens that will inspire you to appreciate what you have now.

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Here’s the CelebsPulse’s choice of best movies to watch with bae.


Amélie is the perfect movie for couples that aren’t so expressive about their emotions. This french movie shows how an innocent and naive girl finds love in a subtle way. She is shy and a bit clumsy in love, but she still manages to attract beautiful moments that warm her heart up. The movie is full of beautiful sceneries from Paris that leave you wanting to visit the chic french capital so bad. (Maybe it’s the perfect time to suggest a trip to Paris to your bae?)

Prepare some raspberries if you pick this movie, as some scenes might make you want to crave these yummy berries!

Crazy Stupid Love

Cal Weaver (impersonated by Steve Carell) is living the American Dream. He has a great job, a big, nice house, wonderful kids and is married to his high school sweetheart. But, his perfect life turns around when his wife, Emily (played by Julianne Moore), wants a divorce and admits that she has cheated on him.

Desperate with his current status, Cal decides to start looking for new dating opportunities, but it turns out that he simply doesn’t know how to do it anymore. That’s when the handsome Jacob Palmer (Ryan Gosling’s character) comes in! Jacob decides to be the wingman to Cal in order to show him how to flirt and date new women. The rest unravels in quite an unpredictable fashion, leading to an ending that just proves how strong love can be.

The Notebook

If you and your sweetheart haven’t seen this movie yet, it might be the perfect time to catch up on this worldwide adored romantic movie. Not only are the main roles played by Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams, but the story is so strong that many just can’t contain their tears on quite a few scenes of the movie.

The story depicts the love between a rich girl called Allie, and a mill worker called Noah in the 1940s South Carolina. When he leaves to serve the army in WWII, their love seems to be put to an end. Allie continues her life with another man, but when the war is over, she realizes that she isn’t so over Noah after all. The movie hides so many unbelievable and romantic moments that simply can’t be described and are definitely worth watching.

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This movie will surely get your heart pump stronger for your loved one. However, prepare a pack of tissues as there are 80% chances some of you two might start crying.

A Knight’s Tale

Brian Helgeland’s medieval comedy is to some of the best medieval movies ever. The story evolves around William Thatcher (Heath Ledger), a peasant that inspires and pretends to be a knight in order to become the greatest jouster in the land. As he paves his way, he meets Lady Jocelyn (Shannyn Sossamon), the daughter of the ruler with whom he falls in love with.

Along with some funny scenes accompanied with memorable soundtrack such as “We will rock you”, we see how the will to be with her loved one, motivates William to win the jousting competition.

Are you two a couple that loves a specific kind of humor? Appreciate good music in movies? Then ‘A Knight’s Tale’ will be just the perfect movie for you two.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

And last but not least on this list is the beautiful sci-fi romance that everyone should watch at least once. If you’re used to seeing Jim Carrey in hilarious roles, this movie will show you the entire specter of Jim’s acting talent. He impersonates Joel, while Kate Winslet plays Clementine. The two characters are impulsive personalities that can easily be described as not really stable.

Unlike most romance movies, this one doesn’t show the evolving of their relationship. Instead, you will see what happens after they decide to undergo a medical procedure to have each other erased from their memories. What unravels are some really strong thoughts about lost love.

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