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10 Common Myths About Human Bodies

The human body is a complicated thing. Research has been conducted since the time of Leonardo Da Vinci and many discoveries about it have been made since then. In this day and age, one cannot help but find interesting facts that few know about our physiology. But how many of these “facts” are actually true?

1. We only use 10% of Our Brain

Many people like to pull this one out when a conversation turns towards ‘levels of intelligence.’ While this is a popular ‘fact’ mentioned in countless talks about the brain, it has no basis in scientific fact. There are billions of brain cells within our heads, essentially making it impossible to measure whether or not we use 10% of our brains.

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There isn’t really proof either direction, so this is a bit of a toss-up.

2. Your Fingerprints Are Completely Unique

This myth has been around since 1888 when a Scottish scientist and physician Henry Faulds wrote about how each person has a completely unique set of fingerprints. While it is quite improbable to find two same fingerprints, it is impossible to prove that no two are the same.

This common belief might cause serious consequences. Especially in forensic investigations. Actually a criminologist Simon Cole published a study about 22 known cases of mistakes in the history of the American legal system due to fingerprint misleadings.

There is a probability that someone else could unlock your phone or house if you use ID fingerprints as an alternative to passwords or keys.

3. Rain Will Make You Sick

This particular myth was popularized by Jane Austen novels and similar literature. Many Hispanic and Latino parents like to use this to keep their children from going outside during a storm.

While getting soaking wet will certainly drive down your body temperature, it will not give you anything like the cold or flu. Both are viral infection, contracted when you’ve come into contact with someone or something that has the germs.

Feel free to run through the rain and stomp into puddles. You won’t get sick, but you’ll certainly want to be near a fire afterward.

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4. Drink 8 Glasses a Day

This particular has been carried from parent to child for a substantial amount of time. What a doctor tells one person, they night not tell another.

According to the Institute of Medicine, it is recommended men and women 19 years of age or older take in between 95 and 131 ounces of water a day. That sounds a little insane when you think about how many cups of water you’ll have to drink. Part of that recommended amount actually comes from other things like fruits and vegetables.

Your water intake also depends on how active you are. Take it only what your body needs. Drink too much water and your brain will swell up like a sponge.

5. Starve a Fever, Feed a Cold?

This one is a bit more confusing than others. One of the best things you can do when you have either is to take in plenty of fluids. Why would you starve yourself when you’re sick?

Remember that no doctor will suggest starving yourself to quickly end a fever.

6. Swimming Within 30 Minutes of Eating Causes Cramps

Well, this one is quite old. Those of us in our late 20s and early 30s no doubt heard this old wives’ tale as children countless times. This was a favorite lie for mothers to tell their children.

There is nothing to suggest this is even true in the slightest. Yes, your mom lied to you.

7. Cracking Knuckles Causes Arthritis

Here is another interesting myth that people present as ‘fact.’

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Some people have a habit of snapping the joint and knuckles on a regular basis. There is a myth that if you overdo this, it will cause severe arthritis in the joints of your hands. Again, there is no concrete evidence to support this claim.
And that snap you hear when you crack them? It’s the sound of nitrogen gas being pushed into the joints. That, or it could be tendons snapping over other tissue.

8. Alcohol Can Warm You Up

This is dangerous thing for someone to believe. The warmth that a person feel after a swig of bourbon or whiskey is because their blood vessels are dilating, moving a person’s warm blood to the skin’s surface.
Because of this, your core body temperature is lowered, lessening your chances of staying warmer for longer.

9. There are Only 5 Senses

The five senses we have all been told we have are: sight, touch, taste, vision, and hearing. These are known as the ‘basic senses.’ Science has concluded we have far more, including sensing pain balance, the passage of time, and hunger.

10. Tilt your Head Back for a Nosebleed

Unless you want to choke on your own blood, don’t do this. It’ll just travel down your throat and you’ll end up swallowing it. Just pinch your bloody nose and lean forward. You’ll be fine.

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