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NASA Insight Landed On Mars And Takes The First Photos From The Red Planet

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Picture: NASA

Mars is shaping up to be humanity’s next home and many research probes have been launched into its orbit. With all the current advancements in technology, is it really a surprise that the agency would want to send out another probe? Launched on May 5th, 2018, the Insight Mars Rover just touched down on November 26th.

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Landing close to midnight on the day it landed, it immediately began transmitting images of the rust-colored planet’s surface.

Insight landed in a region known as the Elysium Planitia, the Martian equivalent of Earth’s Great Plains region. If the name sounds familiar, that’s because it is near two sites that UFO hunters supposedly saw things like a “crashed spaceship and a walled city.”

UFO hunting is a popular past times among many groups and the internet is already going crazy with what Insight will find on the Red Planet. With so many rumors about what exists on the surface, are there any experts weighing in on the possibility of extra-terrestrial life?

Joseph White, a satellite imagery expert, is with UFO hunters who claim that NASA is covering up their knowledge of Martian life from the public. In the Ancient Aliens series, White and Others talk about seeing structures on the surface reminiscent of Earth’s Stonehenge.
“They do so much to destroy these images,” White said about NASA’s rumored cover-ups.

Scientists are usually pretty excited to find something new regardless of their field, so finding evidence of alien life would be a hard thing to keep quiet about.

Barry DiGregorio, a researcher at Buckingham University, once criticized NASA for improperly investigated stick-like figures that suggested the presence of alien life.

“NASA has a long history of avoiding the life on Mars issue – ever since the Viking Landers in 1976. Why do you suppose another life detection instrument has not been sent back to Mars since then?”

NASA Insight Lander will be tasked with digging into the red soil to measure Marsquakes and return any info it finds during soil analysis.
What do you think Insight will find on the Red Planet? Will it finally be what makes everyone a believer in Martian life?

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