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All The Shows Netflix Has Canceled

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Netflix is definitely the biggest player in the game when it comes to the streaming networks for sure. And while they are always in seek of some great shows to surprise their audiences with, sometimes they end up surprising them by saying “goodbye” to their favorite shows.

There is a variety of reasons Netflix has canceled tv shows in the past few years. Some are purely economical, meaning that production costs were way too expensive, while others were just due to a lack of viewers. But, some say that Netflix wants to experiment with as many shows as possible, so they eventually have to cancel a lot of series too in order to pick the best ones.

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1. Bloodline

Netflix definitely tries their best to stay ahead of the TV shows game. TV series Bloodline was one of the best ones Netflix ever filmed. As soon as it came out, Bloodline attracted audiences from all around the world.

But even if the show was huge success, it still didn’t seem to satisfy Netflix’s standards. Only after 3 seasons, Netflix decided that the thriller-drama had to be shut down. It was supposed to last at least 5 seasons, but they tweaked the script and shortened the storyline in order to make it end more naturally.

2. Haters Back Off!

The story of this comedy series evolves around a fictional Youtube star called Miranda Sings. This character is portrayed by Colleen Ballinger that is actually the owner of a 5 million follower YouTube channel that follows the life of Miranda.

Netflix and Colleen teamed up to make a very funny show called Haters Back Off! that would entertain us all with Miranda’s comedic style and a self-absorbed belief that she’s overly talented for anything she imagines to do. Despite Colleen’s YouTube popularity, the seasons of the show didn’t go really well. And the show shut after only two seasons.

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3. Lilyhammer

If you’re a fan of Scandinavian TV series, than you probably heard about Lilyhammer. The popular crime drama was released in 2012 as the first Netflix Original. The story followed the life of a mob boss coming to Norway after running away from his New York crew.

Even though the show originally became very popular with fans across the globe, it seemed like Netflix wasn’t overly happy with it. The price of the production seemed to be too high for the series and Netflix decided to cut the show after season three.

4. Netflix Presents: The Characters

Netflix Presents: The Characters is an American comedy sketch show that aimed to connect random comedians and give them the space to write and star in their own 30 minute show.

While the idea of the show sparkled a lot of interest, the show still didn’t make it to persuade Netflix of doing another season. Unfortunately, the comedians of the show got to film a single season that premiered in 2016.

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5. Atelier

You might never heard of Atelier, actually. But it seems Netflix didn’t want you to know about this show. It follows the life of a fashion designer struggling in a Japanese fashion house. It still isn’t clear why, but Netflix didn’t want to spend money on this show’s marketing.

They almost never advertised the new series and, as a result, the viewers and fans of the show were really low. So, when the show arrived to the 12th episode of the first season, it got canceled by Netflix.

6. The Get Down

The Get Down is a wonderful music-driven drama that depicts the emergence of hip-hop. A team of talented people collaborated for this show and tried to document the life in South Bronx, New York in the late 1970s when disco was slowly dying out and bankruptcy was at the rise.

We definitely fell in love with the show, but it seems that the production cost of the episodes was a bit over the limit and Netflix decided to cancel it after season one. However, you can still watch it!

7. Girlboss

Girlboss is a tv series that follows the story of rise and fall of Sophia Amoruso, the original founder of the fashion brand Nasty Gal. While most people were expecting a truly empowering story that would inspire you to keep on rocking and believing in your dreams, it seems that it ended up not inspiring people at all.

In fact, just after one season of this businesswoman’s life story, the show got canceled. Since Netflix doesn’t release their viewership numbers, we can’t really tell if the low popularity was a problem. Rather, it seems that the show was underperforming for a wider set of criteria that made Netflix cancel it for good.

8. Hibana: Spark

Like to watch tv shows on foreign languages? Then you might have stumbled across a Netflix’s Japanese drama called Hibana: Spark. It came on screens in 2016, and it followed a story of a young comedian trying to learn the traditional comedy of manzai from his more experienced colleague.

Although the show ended up having a fairly spread popularity in the U.S., it still didn’t make the final cut and Netflix canceled it after just one season.

9. Longmire

Netflix is famous for picking up failing shows from other networks and doing their magic into turning them around. That’s what they tried to do with Longmire after buying it from A&E. The Western crime drama already had 3 seasons behind them, and Netflix managed to film another two seasons for the storyline.

But, it seems that even they might have done everything correctly, the show still wasn’t very popular. While it is definitely a series a whole lot more different than the most of the shows Netflix produces, we can’t figure out what made it become a below-average series in Netflix’s point of view.

10. House of Cards

If you heard of Netflix, you certainly heard of House of Cards too. Unfortunately, the streaming giant’s most famous television series that came onto screens in 2013 had its final season air in the late 2018.

As you probably heard, the thing that tumbled down the cards of this multiply-awarded political thriller was Kevin Spacey’s allegations of misconduct. He got kicked off the show as soon as the allegations were discovered. However, they still decided to film the final season before completely canceling the series.

11. Sense8

The story of eight strangers finding themselves connected made a pretty impressive fan base. Sense8 did not only have some intensce sci-fi going on, but it is also adored for its impeccable storylines and unbelievable characters.

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However, after just two seasons and despite the show being so world-widely known, Netflix decided to bring Sense8 to a close. It is suspected that the show didn’t have enough viewers which lead the streaming giant to close the show for good.

12. Gypsy

Series starring Academy Award-nominee Naomi Watts must be epic, right? Well that’s what everyone though, except for Netflix, of course. This psychological thriller followed the story of Jean, a therapist in New York whose borders between professional and personal life become quite blurred.

Although a lot of fans loved the script, the characters as well as the psychological questions that each episode posed, Gypsy had no luck. It was released at the same time as GLOW which completely overtook the scene. Netflix called time on Gypsy after just one season.

13. Love

Judd Apatow is definitely one of the most successful comedy writers in the world. His movies and creations always had huge success and created a lot of buzz in the movie world. So Judd, along with Lesley Arfin and Paul Rust decided to team up for a romantic comedy web television series called Love.

The series follows a down-to-earth story about dating that people seemed to fall in love with. Netflix ordered two seasons of the series for starters, and then wanted another one. But, when the filming of the third season approached, Netflix announced that it will be the final season of the series.

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