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Netflix Best Shows In 2020 Listed – Don’t Miss Them

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In the real world, a new year is usually associated with newness and expectations for new experiences.

In the same way, the film industry and content providers always make it part of their goal to offer the best to their fans.

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For Netflix in particular, the first month of the year comes with well-packaged content that will most likely keep the viewers glued.

Like the previous years, 2020 will definitely be one of the breakthrough years considering that Netflix has such a huge budget to cater to the growing demand from its subscribers. Apart from new films, we are obviously longing for new episodes of our favorite series.

There is some level of excitement and satisfaction when we feel that we are genuinely longing to follow up on the developing events.

Interesting enough, Netflix knows exactly how to keep us curious and eventually meet our entertainment needs. The good thing about Netflix is that they keep us in tabs with the timeline or even the exact date we should expect the next release.

Netflix plans on releasing the final seasons of the most popular shows, Bo Jack Horseman by airing the final episodes of the 6th season and Anne with an E which was canceled ahead of its Season 3 premiere.

If you are looking forward to some comeback of your favorite series which is none of the two, here is what you should look out for.

Sex Education-Season 2

This teen comedy-drama series will be available for viewers in the first month of 2020. If the reviews of this film are anything to go by, it is definitely one of the highly anticipated films.

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From its title, it is not just about the sexual act but provides educational information on general sexuality.

It might seem like any other raunchy film but what makes it stand out is that the storyline revolves around characters who are interestingly figuring out their sexuality. If drama and comedy is your thing, then this will have you sorted.

A Fall From Grace

After the successful opening of his grand studios in Atlanta, renowned actor and filmmaker Tyler Perry bring his next movie on Netflix. Tyler Perry personally described this film as an amazing thriller and we all can’t wait for it.

Alongside Tyler Perry, a fall from grace is set to feature an incredible cast list including Crystal Fox, Phylicia Rashad, Brenda Webb and Cicely Tyson. The movie will officially be released to viewers on January 17th.

Money Heist –Season 4

Even though this Spanish television crime-drama series was initially packaged in two seasons, the overwhelming reviews prompted the producers to have more to offer.

This series gained popularity across the globe and received many awards as well as nominations.
Although Netflix is yet to confirm on the date, rumor has it that this series will be released on 18th January 2020.

Big Mouth-Season 4

Being one of the most successful animated sitcoms, Netflix has confirmed that this series was renewed to the fourth season. More good news is that it will also have a fifth and sixth season.

Ares –Season 1

Apart from the follow-ups, Netflix will also have debut series in their library and this is just one of the listed. Ares is a supernatural horror/drama series from the Netherlands.

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It’s about a secret student society in the heart of Amsterdam where best friends Rosa and Jacob surrender to a world of wealth and power.

But slowly they start to realize they’ve entered a demonic place, built on secrets from The Netherlands’ past. A place where true power comes at a terrible price.

Stranger things Season 4

The mystery is not over yet! Netflix’s biggest show is expected to be back in 2020 although rumors have it that it might be out as early as Christmas season.

Rumoured releases

Uncut Gems, the Adam Sandler movie is rumored to hit Netflix UK among other regions in January 2020. The BBC co-production Giri/Haji has been reportedly announced for a January 2020 release.

These series are however not the only option you got. It might take some time to get exactly what you want depending on your mood, but be sure that Netflix has got you!

Here are some of the listed movies you should expect in 2020.

• Ghost Stories – January 1st – Indian horror movie
• Go! Go! Cory Carson – January 4th – Animated kids series

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