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Have Scientists Really Made A Discovery Of A New Human Organ That Could Help In Treating Cancer?

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The human body is full of surprises, despite the hundreds of years that doctors have been looking inside of them. Cancer, despite being a terrible disease had helped science develop greater advancements in the treatment of it and other ailments. It has once again helped answer a question medical professionals have had for years.

Most of us who’ve taken a basic health class during our school career are relatively familiar with the body’s organs. The skin was once thought to be the only organ that spanned the whole body, but researchers have found something else within that could constitute a newly discovered organ.

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Have you ever wondered where the liquid inside of us sits? It doesn’t make sense that it just hovers inside of us, so what’s keeping it where it is?

There is a meshwork structure that surrounds most of our organs along with dense connective tissue. This structure’s spaces filled with fluid and acted as a support for the rest of the body.

These space contained a third of the unaccounted for liquid in the body, with most contained in the cells and the circulatory system.
This structure in the body is currently referred to as the “interstitium,” and researchers are adamant that it is another organ to add to the list.

While it may seem like a discovery that anyone could have made, the team believes that it can very well explain how different unrelated systems in the body can be affected by the same type of cancer.

More studies need to be done on the interstitium to convince the rest of the medical field that it is indeed an organ and not just more tissue.

“This finding has the potential to drive dramatic advances in medicine,” says co-author Neil Theise, “including the possibility that the direct sampling of interstitial fluid may become a powerful diagnostic tool.”

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