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This Is What New York Looked Like More Than 100 Years Ago

Today’s generation knows no other life than without technology. The hustle and bustle of today’s world are all that there is or ever was for the younger generation. Now it’s all about the race to have the latest shoes, music album, or high-end cellphone to use Snapchat filters with.

No matter your economic background the world has never been more stressed. We encounter commercials that blare out noises begging us to buy the latest make-up, billboards telling us where we should be eating, and e-mails screaming at us to vote for this farmer or that reality television host.

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A century ago, things were far different. We were not trapped by the machines we created to bring ease to our lives. Our lives did not revolve around tiny little video screens that told us about a relative going out for a birthday dinner.

In New York City, one of the busiest places then and now, is lucky to have had historical footage shot of Times Square 100 years ago. The city was teeming with the same life and crowds it has today, but with a few key differences.

People waved as they passed those they knew and smiled at those they didn’t. The intersection didn’t have the obnoxious LED screens and lights that it has today, preventing someone in the area with an apartment from getting a solid night’s rest.

One has to appreciate the beauty of a city free of today’s modern electronics. There is a certain elegance to the 107-year-old New York City we see in the video. To see a city be so full of life and so busy gives you an almost magical feeling.

There’s a lesson to be learned from the resident of ‘that’ New York. Take time to disconnect from your screen and take your dog for a walk or visit a friend’s house and reminisce about times as a kid.

If you’re a history fan, make sure to follow Instagram profile @igblastfromthepast for your daily dose of stunning photos from the past:

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