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Where Old Zealand Is Located And Other Incredible Facts About New Zealand

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Did you know that in one country you can find a bungee jumper’s paradise, home of the haka dance, and a hobbit wonderland? And the country is simply known as – New Zealand. But, trust us, there is nothing simple about this amazing corner of the Earth.

Here are 20 things that you probably didn’t know about New Zealand, including the Old Zealand location. These astonishing 20 facts will make you want to pack your bags and book a flight right away.

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1. There Are More Sheep Than People

New Zealand’s a moderately populated country. When it comes to its size it’s close to the UK, while the population is only 4.47 million. Just to compare, the UK has 64 million residents.

When it comes to New Zealand sheep far outnumber people always. In New Zealand, to one human there are about six sheep. This is also the highest ratios globally.

2. Beaches Are Close

When it comes to the beaches in New Zealand you won’t have to travel far to reach them. Most of the most beautiful beaches are just on a day trip away.

Interestingly, no part of the country is more than 128km away from the ocean. So, in one day you can ski and surf in just one day. And even encounter some wild beach dogs.

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3. Land Of The Long White Cloud

Aoetaroa is a different name for New Zealand. It’s the Māori name for New Zealand and it means ‘land of the long white cloud.’

The horizon in New Zealand is often covered in white and long clouds, and the shape of the country resembles the shape of a long cloud when seen from space.

4. New Zealand Is Not About The Lord Of The Rings Scenery

If you are a LOTR fan you will love New Zealand for sure. After all, so amazing scenes were filmed there. But don’t get into the trap and see only the Middle Earth.

New Zealand has so much to offer, and don’t get stuck on the classic tourist route. Explore the new scenery’s, culture, food, activities and talk with the locals – explore the real New Zealand.

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5. They Have An Accent

You will be able to understand everyone in New Zealand, but you should be ready for some accent. And no, their accent is not the same as the Australian one.

The first thing that you will notice is that Australians say ‘feesh n’ cheeps’, New Zealand’s will say ‘fush n chups’. Different.

6. Kiwi People

Kiwi is the nickname used internationally for people from New Zealand. In general, it’s viewed as a symbol of pride.

The name derives from the Kiwi, a native bird, which is a national symbol of New Zealand.

7. New Zealand Was The First Country To Support Women’s Rights

New Zealand was one of the pioneers when it comes to women’s rights. Historically, the farthest corner of the world was also the most progressive one.

New Zealand acknowledged women’s rights long before the States and even the UK. Ever since 1893, actually.

8. New Zealand Is The Land Of Kiwis

Whenever someone mentions New Zealand you will hear ‘kiwi’ as well. It seems like the people throw around with that word. And they have three good reasons for it.

Kiwi is the flightless native bird. Kiwi is also the fruit (they call it kiwifruit), and it’s a slang name New Zealanders. Confusing? Could be.

9. They Are The First One To See The Sun

Gisborne is a small city in New Zealand known for being the first one to welcome the sun. Therefore, this city is the first one to see the sunrise over the horizon.

This privilege is possible in the early part of the year after the tilt of the planes moves further North. So, it’s only 496.3 km away from the International Date Line at 178° latitude.

10. It’s The Country Of Hollywood Blockbusters

Some of the biggest blockbusters ever were not filmed in Hollywood. They were filmed in New Zealand.

Movies such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy, King Kong, The Piano, The Hobbit, Whale Rider, and The Last Samurai were filmed here.

11. Massive Moa Bird Used To Live There

If you are a fan of big and unusual birds than New Zealand is your place. Furthermore, New Zealand used to be a home of the giant Moa birds.

Moa birds were native to New Zealand and they were massive. They were 3.6 meters tall and weighed a whopping 230kg.

12. New Zealanders Drive On The Left Side Of The Road

If you are planning to drive a car while exploring New Zealand wilderness be prepared for a big road surprise. You must drive on the left side of the road.

If you are used to driving on the right-hand side of the road, this can be a challenge. So, always stay calm!

13. Can You Pronounce This Name?

New Zealand is the proud owner of the longest place name in the world. It has exactly 56 letters.

Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu is the name of a hill in Hawkes Bay.

14. They Have No Snakes

New Zealand is the home of many interesting and exotic animals. Surprisingly, this area of the world has no snakes at all.

There are no snakes, not even in the desert areas. So, there are no land snakes, native or introduced.

15. There Is No Corruption

New Zealand is known for being fair and legal country. The country is so well organized that there is almost no corruption.

New Zealand is the least corrupt nation in the world. The country is tied with Denmark according to the Corruptions Perception Index.

16. Bungee Jumping Started In New Zealand

No wonder that everyone always connects bungee jumping with New Zealand. It kicked off there.

New Zealand was the first one to organize commercial bungee jumping.

17. Where Is ‘Old Zealand’?

Old Zealand used to be real area and today’s Copenhagen is located on Old Zealand territory. Old Zealand was no inspiration for New Zealand. There was also Zeeland.

Zeeland or the ‘sea-land’ is a province of the Netherlands which was discovered by a Dutch explorer named Abel Tasman.

18. New Zealand Is The World’s Best Country?

New Zealand was officially voted the world’s best country according to global standards. Moreover, it was twice to be the world’s best country.

Back in 2007 and 2008 by ‘Wanderlust magazine’ New Zealand was voted the world’s best country.

19. They Had A Minister For Lord Of The Rings

LOTR pumped so much money for the country’s economy, that they had a special representative to get the most money from filming this trilogy.

LOTR brought to New Zealand around $200 million.

20. Dogs In New Zealand Drive Cars

To promote shelter animals adoption New Zealand’s animal representatives did something amazing. They tought dogs to drive cars.

The two rescue dogs were taught to drive a car around a track. The goal? They wanted to prove the intelligence of shelter animals. And they did it.

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