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Nicolas Cage Wants You To Stop Making Memes About Him

Let’s admit it, we all crack up every now and then over a funny meme. We have seen Nic Cage memes all over the internet.

The scene from The Vampire’s Kiss became viral several years ago, but it’s still one of the most recognizable memes out there.

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Surely, when we hit that thumbs up on that hilarious meme we just saw, we don’t really think about how does the person on the end of it feel about it. That’s why Nicolas Cage decided to speak up about this trend.

He brought this topic up in an interview with Indiewire to promote his latest horror film Mandy. He mentioned that his acting style is very carefully planned and that it’s intentionally a bit over-the-top.

What made Nic angry is that as soon as the trailer came out, the “Cage Rage” memes went all over Panos’ movie. And before even the audience got the chance to explore film’s lyrical and poetic elements, the Internet already managed to do a disservice to this work of art by changing the focus.

Nicolas Cage stated: ”I think that the movie hasn’t been given perhaps a fair viewing by virtue of the fact that the internet has mashed them up with these moments that have been cherry-picked, that aren’t really in the context of the character or how the character got there.“

Nicolas Cage is a highly skilled actor, is still very admired for his ability to make low-quality films watchable. So next time you want to click that share button when you stumble across a “Cage Rage”, try to skip it. Nic would be more than grateful!

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