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New Superman Movie Brings Up Internet Obsession Over Nic Cage As The Famous Kryptonian

DC Comics is running behind when it comes to making superhero movies. Whether it’s disagreeable weather, permit issuances, or scheduling conflicts, the label cannot seem to catch a break.

With the man we know as Superman tied up in other projects, who will don the Kryptonian’s reds and blues?

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Henry Cavill is said by many to be the perfect choice to play the Man of Steel. It was said he was the best Kal-El since Christopher Reeves. His portrayal on screen was exactly what comic book fans were looking for in a live-action.

They wanted a connection to the humanistic alien they always read about.

The actor has been in three movies that are part of the DCEU, and is expected to appear in his fourth in Man of Steel 2. Although he will be in the second Superman movie of the DCEU, Henry Cavill will not appear in Shazam!, a character whose story heaving features the Last Son of Krypton.

One of the names being whispered around Hollywood is that of Michael B. Jordan. For anyone who finds the name familiar, he was the same actor who played Eric Killmonger in Marvel’s Black Panther.

But with the internet being the usual crazy idea factory it is, Nicolas Cage has once again come up in conversation. It has once again been shown that the Internet just can’t let Nic go.

For those who don’t know, Nicolas Cage was once on deck to play Kal-El in a movie written and directed by Tim Burton. The movie was supposed to be released around the time that Michael Keaton’s Batman was released and connect to Burton’s version of the DC universe.

It’s unclear how many of the people who support Nicholas Cage as Superman are serious. While it would be interesting to see the man play a Kryptonian, it would be weird to see the man who stole the Declaration of Independence flying around the skies of Metropolis.

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