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Despite Their High Salary There’s Not Enough Ninjas In One City in Japan

Source: John Gillespie

To lose touch with one’s cultural roots can have an effect on the future. Later generations will not have the privilege of experiencing long-held traditions of their future, some things being lost to time. It is not something a family wants to go through, let alone a whole city.

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When a person moves out of a city, it almost doesn’t affect the local economy. But when entire families move out by the hundreds, it noticeably affects a city’s economy.

Such a problem exists in the city of Iga, Japan. Because Iga lies in the rural countryside of Japan, there is not a whole lot for the younger generation to do. This has motivated much of them to move to more populated cities in the country, where there is far more to do for young and old alike.

Iga is purported to be the birthplace of the fabled Ninja. That’s right, this city is supposed to be where they got their start. Every year, the city holds a festival in celebration of the ninja mantle that brings about 30,000 tourists a year.

The Japanese government has provided financial assistance to boost Iga’s economy, but the city’s mayor, Sakae Okamoto, says they need people to move there and work. But it has to be more than just the people building new things. Iga is in dire need of ninjas. Their ranks have dwindled, and if you move there, you can become one. And have a salary as high as $85,000. Not bad at all!

The problem with adding ninjas is all the people moving out. In one year alone, Iga lost 1,000 residents.

As an added effort, City Hall has been moved and in its place is now a second Ninja museum.

If you are a fan of the ninja persona, this might be the place for you. Think of it as the ‘ninja heaven.’

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