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A Nurse That Couldn’t Have Children, Ends Up Raising 5 Boys After Meeting The Love Of Her Life

Heather Crockett Oram is a nurse that grew up in Alpine, Utah. She is just another girl with a big, warm heart that happened to catch the attention of Internet audiences first for her determined healthy lifestyle that lead to losing a lot of weight. But recently, she became a subject of many online stories for a whole another reason.

Heather stunned whole world with her gorgeous wedding photos, but there was something much bigger in her big love story with Jason. She hid a big secret for a long time and decided to reveal everything to her new partner. This secret was very important to her, and referred to a big part of her future. Thanks to her loving husband, they managed to overcome it, and make her dreams come true.

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1. A Nurse With A Rough Childhood

Heather Crockett Oram is a nurse that has been raised in a loving family until her home life completely tore apart when addiction issues caused her parents to divorce when she was just 17. In order to overcome this big stressful situation, Heather focused on college and started working as a nurse in an emergency room.

Today she is a popular Instagram influencer with more than 100k followers. She shares her life with her husband and kids she adores so much. She attracted Internet fame after she lost weight after the death of her mom. Her complete makeover completely made people lose their minds. She looks better than ever today.

2. Made For Each Other

Jason and Heather met and instantly fell in love. Even though was already a single dad of two lovely boys, Heather wanted to live and share her love not only with him, but also with his two sons.

But Heather was holding in a big secret she wasn’t ready to share with him yet. It was something that she was marked with when she was born and she couldn’t escape. She was madly in love with Jason, but feared that revealing such a thing with him would make him go away.

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3. The Big Secret

The secret she was holding on to herself was something that would definitely define the relationship and perspective with her partner. Only few people knew about what she was hiding from most of her friends.

When she was just 6 weeks old Heather had her ovaries removed. She first found out that she will never be able to have children when she was 13 years old. Heather had always feared how her future spouse would react to that and actually always avoided talking about it with her previous partners. But when she met Jason, the way she looked at it completely changed.

4. The Reveal

Heather decided to share with Jason what only few people knew about her. She cried as she was telling him about how she couldn’t have children. Jason’s reaction was everything that she needed to be reassured that being a mom is something much more.

He grabbed her face and told her that it didn’t matter HOW their children came, what mattered was that they were their children. Heather felt relieved to know that there was someone so understanding standing next to her. They soon engaged and started looking for options.

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5. Unusual Method

Jason and Heather did a big research on adoption and after informing themselves properly, they decided to avoid adoption agencies. They somehow believed there was something so shady about them and it was also very expensive.

So, the loving couple decided to market themselves online through social media and on the website adoption.com. They made a Facebook adoption page and paid for targeted ads. Heather and Jason also made a profile on Instagram putting pictures of their life. Then, they got a message on Facebook that changed everything.

6. First Message

After being contacted from several women that turned out to be scams, the young couple finally got a real message on Facebook. A young women emailed them saying how her friend was pregnant and looking for a family.

They were excited to talk to her and hear about her pregnancy. On September 1st, 2017 the woman from Missouri called them and talked for n hour and a half. Even though she never sent official pregnancy proof, Heather somehow believed her. But, then, Jason wanted to renew their profile on adoption.com once again before deciding anything.

7. A New Expectant Mother

On October 2nd, 2017 the two got a message from another expectant mother. She said that she had been watching their profile for a while and wanted to meet them now.

Only two days after, Heather and Jason met this young pregnant girl and her mom in a little diner close to their house. They hugged and the girl let Heather feel her belly. By the end of their meeting, the young girl asked them a question that made them cry in the middle of the diner.

8. Tears at the Diner

The pregnant girl asked them if they would adopt her baby and love him forever. They both started sobbing in complete shock. They couldn’t believe that they might be having a baby very very soon.

In fact, the girl loved them so much that she didn’t even want to think as much. Just 3 weeks after, on October 30th, their son Andy was born. Heather was the first one to hold hid baby boy and his tiny hands.

9. Three Boys

Jason and Heather took Andy home and quickly adjusted to being new parents. However, Heather continued to talk to the first expectant mom. She still didn’t provide any pregnancy proof, and told Heather that she has found a family for her baby.

Nonetheless, the two women kept in touch for the next couple of months and occasionally texted each other. But, after a couple of months, Heather received a call that she definitely didn’t expect.

10. Another Phone Call

In January of 2018, the woman that she was first negotiating the adoption with said that she didn’t feel good about giving her baby to the family she previously mentioned. She didn’t have a good feeling about the other family adopting him.

Then she said the words that would change life for Heather. She felt that the baby should belong in their family. Although Heather was already holding her 3-month-old baby boy, she knew deep down that those were the answers to her prayers.

11. New Baby on The Way

Six weeks after that phone call, Heather and Jason were about to get their fourth son. They flew to Missouri where they met the woman with her three children. They immediately bonded and the next day both of them were next to her bedside, waiting for their son Ellis to be born.

And just like that, Heather’s love for kids was recognized so much that she got 2 newborn babies in only 4 months apart. Both moms felt that she would be a perfect person to surround these baby boys with much love and warmth.

12. The Big Family

Thanks to the sacrifices and selfless decisions of two great women, Heather was finally a mom to two perfect baby boys. With Jason’s kids and the new cute additions, this family is definitely a big one, and luckily filled with much love.

Jason and Heather proved to be very good persons that didn’t want the new babies just for them selfishly. They decided to keep open adoptions with baby boys’ birth parents. So they send them pictures often and they also met at a nearby park with Andy’s birth parents.

13. The New Idea

Four months after Ellis’ birth, Jason and Heather felt the urge to reach out to Ellis’ birth mom. She mentioned at some point they were in a rough spot and both of them felt very bad that she was going through a bad period. So the couple decided to do something very touching.

Ellis’ birth mom could have never guessed what this lovely couple was about to do. Not only did they care so well about Ellis, but they felt they needed to do something more in order to make her feel better.

14. First Time Flying

The couple wanted to fly Ellis’ eldest birth brother to visit them for 10 days in order to spend some time with his little brother. Sean never flew on a plane before or went so far away from his home.

Nevertheless, Sean came and they instantly fell in love with him. He was so kind towards Ellis, but also towards Jason’s first sons and little Andy. They all went along very well and Sean quickly felt as a part of family.

15. The Extended Vacation

Sean loved his little brother’s family so much that he asked to stay longer. The initial 10 days turned out to be the whole summer.

Heather and Jason were thrilled to know that this young boy loved staying with them, and felt even more touched to know that their 4 member boy crew grew to have 5 members now. The love that connected them all was so strong, that everyone felt good with staying.

16. New Horizons

Not only did Sean love staying at Orams’ family. He also made a lot of friends. One day, he asked if he could go to watch his new friends try out for football. But Sean’s intentions were bigger than that, and for a good reason.

He talked to the coaches and tried out himself. He made it to the top football team of the 8th grade, in his first year of ever playing an organized, team sport. He loved everything about his new environment and wanted to stay longer.

17. The Rule Of Happiness

Sean called his mom and asked if he could stay more. His mom said that she wanted him to do whatever would make him really happy. So, sweet Sean had no doubt anymore.

He stayed at Orams’ home and has dedicated himself to his football team. He made it all the way to playoffs. It seems that this loving home is just spreading more and more love around. How lucky are those kids?

18. A Mom Of 5

Although she hasn’t given birth to any of the 5 boys that she has at her home right now, she is their mom. They finalized Andy and Ellis’ adoptions and made them officially Orams. Sean has been living with them for 6 months now and doesn’t plan to leave just yet.

However, Heather shares with us that it is not always easy, and that they experience lots of ups and downs, but that they wouldn’t trade it for the world. “Family does not have to be made from blood. It can come in many shapes and sizes. Love is all that matters”, says this lovely mom of 5. Seeing families like Orams, makes us think that we should always leave more space for love in our lives.

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