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This Crumbling Village Of Temples In Myanmar Is Been Absorbed By The Jungle

When it comes to flying off to a far-away land, venturing into a jungle likely isn’t the first place you think of. In fact, most people only ever think about major cities famous for their tourist spots. But there are wondrous places off the beaten path that many may have no knowledge of.

A great deal of the world’s jungles have yet to be explored, hiding many enchanting places full of art and character. Deep in the lush jungles of the country of Myanmar lies Inthein, which sits on the western bank of Inle Lake.

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Located nearby are hundreds of ancient pagodas that have unique carvings of mythical animals, chinthe (mythical lions), and devas (celestial beings). Because of the sheer number of pagodas that exist at the location, they are in various states of repair. Some have crumbled, while others have succumbed to the forest’s creeping foliage.

Nyaung Ohak, translated at “group of banyan trees”, is the more famous group of pagodas, some having had entire trees shoot right out of them.

Another group of pagodas named Shwe Inn Thein sits atop a hill overlooking the area. Comprised of about 1054 total weather-beaten structures, the majority of them were built sometime in the 17th and 18th centuries. Many of the crumbled pagodas were rebuilt as almost exact replicas of the ones that stood before.

After taking in the sights at the village of Inthein, you might be inclined to visit one of the many stalls that line the walkway of Shwe Inn Thein. Browse shirts, shoulder bags, and various other items.

It is believed that Shwe Inn Thein was built by King Ahsoka, an Indian emperor who lived in the 3rd century BC. At the center of this area lies the Golden Buddha, a statue believed to have also been by the king, though there is no evidence to give credibility to the theory.

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What do you think of the Nyaung Ohak and Shwe Inn Thein pagodas? And it is really possible that Ahsoka’s reach extended down to Myanmar?

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