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Having A Genetic Predisposition For Obesity Increases The Risk Of Becoming Depressed

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Being obese and having a high BMI is a problem that millions of people deal with. It’s not always easy for these individuals to get the right diet down because of other health problems. And, those that can move, may be so weighed down by depression that they lack the motivation to move.

A joint study conducted by the University of Exeter and the University of South Australia found that this depression that people experience may have a genetic factor.

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It is common sense that most people classified as ‘obese’ are also depressed. According to the study, an individual with a high BMI (Body Mass Index) and no other health problem was still just as likely to suffer from depression.

Think about this way: you may not be depressed about your weight, but you are depressed because of your weight.

This data was gathered with the help of 500,000 volunteers between the ages of 37 and 73.

According to Dr. Jess Tyrrell, “Obesity and depression are both global health problems that have a major impact on lives and are costly to health services. We’ve long known there’s a link between the two, yet it’s unclear whether obesity causes depression or vice-versa, and also whether it’s being overweight in itself or the associated health problems that can cause depression. Our robust genetic analysis concludes that the psychological impact of being obese is likely to cause depression. This is important to help target efforts to reduce depression, which makes it much harder for people to adopt healthy lifestyle habits.”

There are a lot of reasons for why someone may be overweight, some of them genetic and others psychological. Watching what they eat may help some, but what is most important is that they have a support system to help see them through to a less heavy life.

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