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Outstanding Timelapse Records 30-day Trip Across The Ocean

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Before the age of modern technology, events at sea were documented by spoken or written word. There was no way to verify if what ocean goers were saying was true or not. A person would have to sail for themselves and see if the wondrous places they heard of existed.

Oceanic travel is not something a lot of people are built for. Even with the cold temperatures and not seeing land for hours, it is usually being alone at sea that troubles people. Some people might choose to take a pet or companion with them. There are a few who look to the surrounding scenery for feelings of warmth and comfort.

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A man who goes by the handle JeffHK on YouTube documented his 30-day trip across the ocean in a spectacular video made with thousands of still-frame shots from a camera. The YouTuber’s voyage took him from Hong Kong straight through the South China Sea. There were many stops along the way, and the weather certainly varied throughout the trip.

Using a long-exposure camera, JeffHK caught many beautiful sights. In his time-lapse video of his photos, the ocean goer captures the moon looking as bright as the sun and bolts of lightning casting light over the grey cloud and ocean’s surface.

He spoke of difficulty capturing images on the rainy days, condensation accumulating on the camera at times. There was difficulty capturing images during the times it needed cleaning, as sleep is required to ensure safety.

JeffHK wanted to share the beauty he saw on his voyages across the open expanse of water we call the ocean. The beauty comforts him in a way that only a seafarer may understand, but with the images he captured, we can appreciate the wonderful sights Mother Nature has to offer.

In total, about 80,000 images and 1500GB worth of data is what pieced together the time-lapse.

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