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Scientists Suspect Octopus’ DNA Might Be ‘Out Of This Earth’

The animal kingdom is filled with some of the weirdest creatures from reality or fiction. We are continuously surprised by the things we discover about our wild neighbors. Many of their traits make them unique from other creatures on Earth, and some of those things many believe are not from this planet.

Genetics play a role in what makes anything about an animal unique. Cockroaches can recognize any family by pheromone and so will not breed with them and bees dance to communicate with one another. For humans, though, these are just some of the lower life forms that happen to be on Earth.

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A great deal of people believe that many of the animals living among us are actually from other places in our galaxy.
That’s right, folks. We have been living with thousands of aliens for a while now.

According to recent scientific studies, there is evidence to support the idea that the Octopus is an alien.

The Octopus is unique in that it has the largest nervous system of all invertebrates. What many don’t know is they are capable of memorization and further learning.

Marine biologists say that the octopus’ genome looks like someone threw it in a blender and his puree. They also discovered what are known as “jumping genes” or “transposable elements” that can create or reverse mutations. While the cephalopod does have them, researchers are still unclear on what purpose they actually serve.

It is also worth noting that cephalopods in general have over 33,000 gene encoding proteins, exponentially more than in the human genome. Octopi can also manipulate their own RNA, which may explain their ability to change into a bunch of crazy colors.

It would be pretty crazy to find out that octopi were really from another world. If it’s ever confirmed, the entire world would freak out.

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