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A Dog Shelter In Ohio Introduces A ‘Sleepover’ Program So Shelter Dogs Can Spend Holidays In Homes

The holiday season is a vastly important time of year for the United States. Many people take road trips to visit family and sometimes stay over, seeing people they almost never get to visit. With the holidays taking up the schedules of many people, what happens to dogs at animal shelters?

People who work in animal shelters dedicate a lot of their time to rehabbing animals. During the holidays, their interaction with all animals in the shelter become limited, leaving the poor furballs solo for long periods of time.

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One dog shelter in Ohio is starting a program to change all of that. The Franklin County Dog Shelter and Adoption Center in Columbus is hosting the first event of its kind known as the “Holiday Sleepover.” Animals are placed in potential homes for a three-day stay over the three big holidays.

The program allows the shelter to see in which homes dogs will fit the best. After the visit, participants are given the opportunity to share their experience with the shelter.

“We give them a little report card to fill out to get a little more information on the dog than what we had before and we’re hoping that will help them get adopted a lot quicker,” said shelter director Kaye Dickson to local news. “It’s just such a happier environment for these dogs to be in a home versus being stuck in a cage.”

“We’re hoping these host families fall in love with the animals as well and they may definitely adopt them, Dickson added.

Ask the shelters in your area if they have any programs like the Holiday Sleepover. You get to test run a puppy you’ve always wanted, and the dog will get to spend time with a good family for a short time.
Remember: Adopt, don’t shop.

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