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Old Lady Celebrates 93rd Birthday By Getting Arrested

People choose to celebrate their birthdays in many ways. As kids, some of us played games and broke open pinatas, or even celebrated at a rat-themed pizza parlor. But as adults, the Disney-themed cakes and wrapping paper just don’t do it for us anymore.

For some people close to one hundred years, there’s still plenty of ways to celebrate. Many nonagenarians have chosen skydiving in the past as a way to celebrate, an activity people half their age would never dream of doing.

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I guess when you’re that age, the fear of death is almost non-existent. For some elders in the 90s and 100s, there are some simpler ways to have a birthday celebration.

COPS is a vastly popular United States TV show that documents real-time work of various police departments across the country. One woman from Augusta, Maine, USA, who was nearing her 93rd birthday was such a huge fan of the show, her lifelong dream was to actually be arrested.

“She goes on about how the police have the worse job and what they have to deal with, and she wondered what it was like to be arrested and sit in the back seat,” Anne Dumont, her daughter, said. “She happily got to see the inside of the police car. Front and back and also pushed the siren button until it whaled. A momentous event.”

The Augusta Police Depart had expressed their gratitude in being invited to participate in fulfilling the wishes of Anne’s mother. Not only did she get to play with the siren, the officer who made the ‘arrest’ deputized her with a junior officer decal.

Most people wouldn’t willingly get into a police car, but the APD seems to have a great relationship with their community.

The 93-year-old woman told her daughter after the eventful day, “You made my life.”

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