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The Oldest Bonsai Tree In The World

Trees are living things and just like all other living things, they were cursed with a lifespan too. Depending on the species, some trees live longer than others. Some trees have the ability to live for about 5000 years. For those with a shorter life duration, 40-50 years is the range.

The oldest tree ever discovered on earth is a bristlecone pine which was located in Inyo National Forest. It is believed to be over 5000 years. This tree broke the record set by another ancient bristlecone pine aged 4,848.

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Just as people guard their lives with all they have, these trees are equally protected. Several sources indicate that the exact trees with such a historical record are never revealed to the public for security reasons. You might get the chance to see it but you are rarely told about it’s worth.

It seems strange that we even know the ages of trees in the first place. Despite not celebrating each tree’s birthday every year, there are many ways to calculate or get estimates of the tree age. We can trust scientists with accuracy.

Some of the methods used include counting and interpreting growth rings, checking the patterns of the rings, estimating, checking tree trunk rings among others.

The Bonsai Tree

A Bonsai tree is a decorative tree or shrub that is grown using the art of bonsai. In terms of its outward appearance, you would think that it is not a normal growing tree. Most are usually small but this is a result of the pruning of its leaves. The trees are trained to grow in the desired manner that appears to be pleasing to the eye.

Over the years, Bonsai has been associated with the Japanese. Nevertheless, this is a concept that originated from the Chinese. Bonsai is a Japanese way of cultivation to produce small trees. This tradition was adopted from ancient Chinese special techniques of growing dwarf plants in containers. Apart from the two ethnicity groups, Koreans are also known to have embraced the art.

In Japan, this art was birthed after Buddhist monks wished to bring ‘outdoors’ into their temple. The concept later spread to the west and some are still practising the art up to date. Unlike other trees that are grown for food or medicine, Bonsai’s main purpose is to focus on long term cultivation of the tree and maintaining the size.

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A bonsai tree is also known as a tree of harmony. Every bonsai amounts to something different. This is one of the special features that make the beautiful artistic trees ideal gifts to family and friends. Generally, bonsai symbolizes good aspects such as harmony, peace, order of thoughts and balance.

There is a strong belief that the bonsai tree brings luck. The trees acquired as gifts are known to bring more luck than those that are directly bought. Most people prefer having a bonsai in their homes for good reasons. It has quite several advantages including the fact that it is easy to care for.

Apart from that benefit, Bonsai fits into any space, can be used for beautification purposes, are artistic and can re-energize your home.

The life span of Bonsai trees strongly depends on the climate, species, pests, as well as growing conditions. These trees are expected to live for the same number of years as its parent tree.

Apart from the other factors that could affect the longevity, the main focus should be on how you care for it. There are bonsai trees that live for 100 years and others capable of living for over 500 years.

The Ficus Letusa Linn

This Ficus Bonsai tree is known as the oldest existing bonsai tree in the globe. It is estimated to be 1000 years old.

This tree is found at Crespi Bonsai Museum which is located in Italy. Several Chinese masters are credited for taking care of and shaping the tree.

Apart from the Ficus bonsai, several other bonsai trees have been in existence for centuries. Some of the oldest trees age within 350-1000 years. Some of the famous old bonsai trees include; Juniper, Red pine, Yamaki pine bonsai.

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