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5 Oldest Monarchies in The World Listed

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Did you know that at the time, there are less than 45 monarchies remaining in the world? That means that 45 families live entirely different than you do now.

What makes this monarchy appearance really interesting is the fact that most of the ruling monarch has no real power over their countries.

Only a few countries are still monarchies where the King and the Queen have full authority over the entire nation.

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Here are the top 5 monarchies families that are still active today.

1. Kingdom of Sweden

The Kingdom of Sweden was founded in c.970 AD, when the first monarch was Eric the Victorious. The current King is Carl XVI Gustaf, while the current heir apparent is Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, often seen cycling inside the country.

Sweden typically recognizes Eric the Victorious as the first King of Sweden – he ruled from 970 – 995. Interestingly, according to Swedish legends, there are several kings, mythical kings, who ruled the land before Eric the Victorious.

Sweden is both a constitutional and hereditary monarchy with a parliamentary system, and the ruling monarch has no real political power.

In 1980, Sweden’s rule of succession was changed to absolute primogeniture. This means that the throne will be passed down to the eldest child of the reigning monarch, no matter the gender.

2. Kingdom of Denmark

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The Kingdom of Denmark was founded in c.935 AD, when the first monarch was Gorm the Old. The current King is Margrethe II, while the current Heir Apparent is Frederik, Crown Prince of Denmark.

At this moment, Denmark is one of the most developed countries in Europe, and many claim that it has something to do with how the country was run in the past.

Originally, Denmark was an elective monarchy, meaning that an heir’s choice was typically limited to the eldest son of the reigning monarch.

Denmark’s current monarch is Queen Margrethe II, who ascended the throne in 1972 after her father’s death – she is the first female monarch to rule since the reign of Margrethe I in 1375 – 1412.

3. Kingdom of Norway

The Kingdom of Norway was founded in c.885 AD, with its first monarch Harald Fairhair. The current monarch is Harald V, while the current Heir Apparent is Crown Prince Haakon.

The Kingdom of Norway traditionally dates its monarchy back to 885AD, after the Battle of Hafrsfjord when Harald Fairhair merged several smaller kingdoms.

Ever since, numerous royal dynasties ruled over Norway. Norway is both a constitutional and hereditary monarchy with a parliamentary system.

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Also, Norway is one of the best countries to live in Norway, based on many surveys.

Throughout Norway’s history, the country has been united with both Denmark and Sweden. However, in 1905 Norway got its independence and chose Haakon VII as its King – he was the first monarch from the House of Glücksburg.

4. British Monarchy

British Monarchy is one of the oldest monarchies in the world. Founded in 871 AD or 1066 AD, the British monarchy is one of the world’s most relevant rules.

The first monarch was Alfred the Great or William the Conqueror, while the current monarch is Elizabeth II, who is over 80 years now. Current Heir Apparent is her son Charles, Prince of Wales.

Charles is also known for his family drama with Princess Diana. The start of the British monarchy is often hard to date as, before 1066, England was divided into seven significant kingdoms with several different rulers.

History records say that William the Conqueror invaded England from Normandy and was declared the King of a unified England. The current family is directly descended from William the Conqueror.

Interestingly, Queen Elizabeth II is the longest-reigning British monarch, who ascended the throne in 1952, after her father’s death. Today, the British monarchy is a constitutional monarchy with a parliamentary democracy.

Also, the royal family is one of the most beloved royal families of today.

5. Kingdom of Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco is located in the north of Africa. This country is mostly known for its beauty, blue city, and tourism. Founded by Idriss I (Idris ibn Abdallah), Morocco rose to be one of the most developed countries in Africa.

The current monarch is Mohammed VI, while the current heir apparent is Prince Moulay Hassan. The Idrisids, who ruled Morocco from 788 – 971, is often credited with establishing the first Moroccan state.

The Alaouite dynasty, Morocco’s current ruling family, rose to power in 1666. Over the years, the ruler of Morocco has used different titles such as the sultan, but since 1957, the designation King has been used.

The country is a constitutional monarchy with an elected parliament, and the throne is usually passed down through the male heirs of the Alaouite family.

The Kind of Morocco has enormous power, executive and legislative, especially over the military, foreign policy, and religious affairs.

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