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10 Oldest Sports Of Human History That Still Exist

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Many more sports exist now than there ever used to. Some people make it a point to try and develop a sport others may not have thought of. While there is certainly more than a person can count on both hands, there are at least 10 that fall into the category of ‘oldest sports in the world.’

Here is that list:

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  • children, it’s a requirement to run a mile in both elementary school and high school (secondary school) for a Physical Education class. The first-ever recorded running competition, one of only four events at the time, occurred at the Olympic Games in 776 in Greece.
  • other sports require running as part of their training regimen. Such activity is meant to help with endurance or the ability to sustain a run.


  • it comes to wrestling, humans have used wrestling as a show of dominance for as long as we’ve collected in a group. In many societies, a wrestling match is what decided who the ‘strongest man’ in the village was.
  • of the oldest ways to fight, takedowns and grapples make up the majority of true wrestling. It is believed to be as old as 15,000 years.

Long Jump

  • sport is the art of leaping the furthest from a pre-determined ‘take-off point.’ Historical records suggest this sport was first seen performed by athletes at the Olympics in 656 BC.
  • of it as the “OG” of jumping sports as it existed before all other types in its category.

Javelin Throw

  • you ever wanted to see how far you can throw a sharp stick? That is the simplest explanation for the sport, but it requires great finesse to be able to do.
  • in ancient records regarding the Olympics, the objective is to get a javelin as far as possible within a set boundary. While on the surface it appears simple, accurately throwing with all your might will require extensive physical conditioning.

Discus Throw

  • a sport that requires accuracy within split seconds in the Discus Throw. This particular sport involved spinning at least twice before tossing a hefty disc-like object in a specified direction.
  • records cite the sport being practiced in Europe as early as the fifth century. Six moves make up the sport: wind up, move in rhythm, balance, right leg engine, orbit, and delivery.
  • the first recorded performance of this sport was in 708 BC, making it only a couple of decades younger than the sport of running.


  • the “sport of Kings,” participants ride on horseback and attempt to lob a ball toward the opposing team’s goal using a long-handle mallet. This sport can be traced as far as the 4th century, making it a couple at least 100 years older than some sports on the list.
  • got its beginning in the Middle East, when the kingdom of Persia still existed.


  • you have far more range-of-motion than most, Gymnastics is probably the sport for you. Created to test flexibility, agility, balance and physical strength, the sport is said to have been created in the country of Greece in ancient times.
  • the funny part about the sport? It was initially based on acrobatic moves horse riders used to get on and off their mount.
  • was revived as part of the modern Olympic Games in 1896. The actual events are split oddly for men and women. Men participate in these six events: Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars, and High Bar. Women, though, participate in only four, which are: Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, and Floor Exercise.


  • in most formed has seen them become a widely practiced sport in the modern-day. The same can be said for boxing, which according to historical records, actually first appeared in Greece in 687 BC.
  • the 16th to 18th century, the world saw it become a popular addition to the Olympic Games.

Horse Riding

  • the sport may sound simple, those familiar with it know the mountain of difficulties it comes with. Originating in the U.K., it was the first part of the Games in the year 1900.


  • it was a legendary hockey player and Canadian national hero Wayne Gretzky who made the sport famous.
  • some believe that the sport originated in Canada, 4,000-year-old relics from ancient Greece are shown depicting two players using what look to be hockey sticks. The Daur people of Mongolia also played their version of field hockey for at least 1,000 years.

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