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An 88-Year-Old Man Sets Guinness Record For Being Oldest Primary School Student

Credit : The First Grader Trailer

Education is an important part of life. Citizens of the world’s countries must obtain new skills and knowledge in order to compete for the best-paying jobs that exist.

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Some employers require simple proof of completion of high school (secondary school). As important as it is, many people find it expensive enough to be a luxury.

The African nation of Kenya has begun offering primary school education for free. Many parents send their children to primary school, but anyone looking to learn is welcome to enroll in classes.

Kenyan Old Man Goes Back To School

Kimani Ng’ang’a Maruge, an 88-year old Kenyan man, has seized this opportunity by the government to become re-educated. “I was shown by God to go back to school,” the great-grandfather said about going back.

Maruge wishes to learn so that he may one day read the bible. He jokingly stated that with all the knowledge he gathers in school, he will live to be centuries old.

For the elder man, fellow students are like grandchildren. During their lunches, he tells his surrogate family about his time as an independence fighter in the 1950s.

When his studies in the town of Eldoret were disrupted, the Cheshire Services Kenya offered Maruge temporary lodging in Kariobangi where he could live while he finished primary studies at a nearby school.

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His math teacher, Julia Wanyoike sees Kimani as a great source of inspiration. She sees his motivation to learn, that he is not satisfied with what he knows now. He wishes to gain more knowledge and pushes himself to do so.

First enrolling in primary school in 2004, Kimani Ng’ang’a Maruge set the Guinness World Record for being the oldest primary school student. When asked about where he wanted his education to take him, the man responded: “I wish to become a doctor.”

During Maruge’s first year in primary school, he spoke in front of a UN summit on the importance of education and how it benefits everyone.

Maruge unfortunately died in 2009, but this old mans story inspired not only everyone who wishes to educate himself, but also a film director to make a movie in his honor. The movie’s name is “The First Grader”.

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