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Couple Thought They Are Having A Baby. Husband Faints When Doctors Tell Him What It Is

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Nia and Robert Tolbert are one of those couples that just fell in love at the very first sight. They met in 2007 through mutual friends, and immediately started dating. But, little did they know that the life they were going to lead together was going to be full of surprises.

What made their journey so special were Nia’s pregnancies that had beaten all the odds and even made Robert faint once. No doctor could have predicted what Nia and Robert would be having. The news about these pregnancies shocked experts worldwide and made the couple stand in the spotlight for quite some time. But what was so special about them? Read on and find out!

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1. Nia and Robert

Nia and Robert started dating in 2007 after they met through mutual friends. They were instantly in love and became quickly a happy and devoted couple that everybody could wish for.

As time passed, the love between the two of them just kept growing and it was clear that this relationship was meant to last. Indeed, after a couple of years of dating, exciting news came their way to prove the strength of their love.

2. The Perfect Addition

The news was that Nia was pregnant. The couple from Waldorf, Maryland had their very first pregnancy and they were so happy to be expecting a new addition to their loving duo.

Both of them were ready to become parents and raise a family, so now they couldn’t wait to have their first child. Nia gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy named Shai in 2011. But this was just the start, Shai will be certainly the first addition to the family, but the Tolbert household was about to get much bigger.

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3. Wedding Bells

After their first son grew to be 3 years old, Nia and Robert decided to officialize their love and get married. Nia, Robert and little Shai were a beautiful, little family, and they were so happy to have each other.

But there was a thing that will soon change the member count of this family. Shortly before the wedding, something else was cooking. Nia was pregnant again! The family was really curious to find out if the new addition would be a girl or a boy. They had no idea that they will be so surprised when Nia got the sonogram.

4. Identical Twins

The Tolbert family could not wait any longer to find out the gender of the baby. And when finally Nia went to get her sonogram done, she discovered something she wasn’t hoping for.

What Nia and Robert were expecting were identical twins! And both of the babies were boys. Nia gave birth to their two beautiful sons named Riley and Alexander in 2015. Now they were a family of five!

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5. Full House

Having a house full of kids has become quite hectic for the Tolberts. Three little boys were unstoppable. However, Nia and Robert managed to keep everything under control and gave lots of love to their little ones.

No matter how much they loved their children, they felt that their family was big enough and didn’t want to have any more kids. But you can never know what the future holds, and Tolberts too had no idea what was all in store for them.

6. Surprising Third Pregnancy

Only two years after Nia gave birth to their twins, another surprise came. She was pregnant for the third time! Robert and Nia didn’t plan it, but they were still very excited to welcome the new addition to their family.

Now that they had three sons, they were hoping for a baby girl. But the boys wanted another brother. However, Nia felt very different about this pregnancy. She was much more emotional and she saw different physical changes than in her previous two pregnancies.

7. Strange Feeling

Nia was getting a bit worried about how fast her tummy was growing. This wasn’t her first pregnancy and she was worried. Was there something wrong?

Nia was doing everything right. She was doing yoga, eating healthy and taking vitamins needed for a healthy pregnancy. Yet, her heart rate was much faster than before.

8. The Truth

Nia went to do her sonogram and that made her both excited and nervous. But the sonogram also showed her the reason behind her awkward feelings.

She was speechless. What she was about to discover will soon change the lives of the Tolbert family.

9. Double Ultrasound Check

Nia was praying that everything is fine with the baby while being at the doctor’s office. The technician asked her if the couple had multiples ran in their family and she thought she must be having twins again.

The ultrasound technician confirmed Nia’s doubts and told her she was having another set of twins. But the technician wanted to do a double check before letting Nia go home. So they did another sonogram that will reveal something the Tolbert’s never hoped for.

10. Triplets After Twins

The second sonogram revealed that Nia was having three babies instead of two. That was something that no one could predict. Nia’s state was kind of wonder.

Getting pregnant with one child, then twins, and then triplets and top of that all naturally is not something that is seen often. Furthermore, this was extremely unlikely.

11. A Real Phenomenon

Nia was a walking phenomenon. One in 1000 can experience this type of diverse pregnancy. So, why Nia was one in 1000 to be blessed with this?

As the doctor learned both, Nia and Robert’s sides of the family have a history of multiple births. Their genes are responsible for this occurrence.

12. Honey, I Have Something To Tell You

Having triplets can be overwhelming for anyone, especially for those who already have three children. So, Nia knew that they will have several challenges in front of them.

But before anything else, Nia knew that she will have to find the best way possible to apprise her husband about this big news.

13. A Road Trip

Just before Nia learned the big news she had organized a trip that weekend. But, she knew that she had to surprise Robert with this news before she leaves the town.

Nia decided to, before she leaves for Maryland, to leave a goodbye gift for Robert. That way she will give him some alone time to ingest the news properly.

14. The Most Important Note Ever

Nia left a gift for Robert. She left him her sonogram that was marked. As a daddy already, she was sure that he will be able to figure it out in seconds.

Also, she left a small note next to the sonogram, saying – to “accept this gift from her and God”. She did all she could and left for Maryland.

15. Surprised Dad

Robert was in for a big surprise that day. Nothing could have prepared him for what was coming. And Nia knew it.

When he opened the bag and saw the long sonogram and three onesies numbered 1,2 and 3, Robert fainted! He literally couldn’t bare all of the emotions.

16. Robert’s Happiness

Once he returned from his initial shock reaction, Robert did the only thing that was right for him to do at that moment. He called Nia.

He got over the shock and accepted that he now needed to make all the adjustments to welcome the triplets. The couple was ready for this challenge.

17. Girls On The Way

The happy couple decided that they didn’t want to know the gender of the babies right away. That was something that they wanted to share with the family and friends.

So, they choose to throw a gender reveal party. They decided that they would pop ballons whose color of the confetti would indicate the genders of their triplets.

18. The Ballons

Everyone was super excited about the party, including the little boys. They couldn’t wait to learn if they are having brothers or sisters. Luckily, they had to wait just for three balloons to pop up.

When they popped the first balloon, pink confetti were falling! A girl! The second one revealed a girl, and the third one, again showed that it was a girl! Tolberts were going to have three beautiful daughters!

19. Boys VS. Girls Home

Nia and Robert were more than thrilled that they were going to have three baby girls. Having baby girls, meant that their home would be balanced with three boys and three girls.

Although Robert and Mia were excited about having girls, some people didn’t take the news as expected. Can you guess who that might be?

20. Baby Brothers

The boys were disappointed what they weren’t going to have more brothers. At the time it was the most difficult thing for them to deal with – the news of having sisters.

Nia said that the main reason for this was the fact their vision of having a full house of Ninja Turtle and other superhero toys. However, they eventually came around to the idea of being big brothers to little sisters.

21. Anticipation

The whole family was excited about the arrival of the girls. Moreover, Robert had his entourage and was so happy with boys. The couple wondered how much their household is about to change.

Nia said that they had a million questions, such as – ‘Will it be like it is in the movies? Who’s going to comb all that hair?’ But they were ready on anything and they have all of their faith in God.

22. Due Date Coming

Nia’s due date was on February 9th, but with triplets, you can never know what to expect. So, Nia started having contractions weeks before the due date.

One day, before her due date, Nia started having stronger contractions and she called her mom. She was sure that she will go to the hospital and they will send her home. But it was different now.

23. The Girls Are Coming

Nia and Robert were at the hospital waiting to send them home and come when the contractions become stronger. But, one of the doctors told them – ‘We’re going to have the babies today.’ They were shocked.

Nia insisted on her doctor. When he entered the room her water broke. The triplets were officially on their way. Everyone was ready for a long night.

24. Finally Alone

And actually, Nia gave birth to their 3 beautiful baby girls via cesarean section on January 30th, 2018. All the babies were healthy and the birth was finally over.

Once the birth was over, the doctor asked Nia how she was feeling, and she instantly responds – Finally alone.

25. The Triplets

All of the babies were in between 4 to 4.6 pounds. Two of the triplets were identical and got named Zuri and Bailey, while the third baby was fraternal and named Mackenzie.

After the third pregnancy with triplets, Nia became known as 1-2-3 mom. The Tolberts were now a much larger family than they ever imagined they could be, but there was love all around.

26. The Life After The Birth

Both parents stated that had no real plan on how they will raise their family. After all, they had no idea that they will ever have triplets.

They decided to take day by day and out their faith in the hands of God. In the meantime, they will rely on each other and their family and friends.

27. The Massive Support

Nia and Robert said million times that they couldn’t raise their children without the support of their neighbors, friends, and family. After all, it does take a village to raise children.

Moreover, Nia said that ‘I know we’re not going to sleep for a couple of years, our grocery bill is going to go up, and our house is not going to be quiet and that’s OK’. They are on it.

28. Needed Support

It takes a lot to feed 8 small amount and to provide all necessary things. Therefore, the couple opened a crowdfunding campaign on Fundly to raise money to buy a new car.

After all, they need to fit eight people in at once! And that asks for a real family cat. But, what if they get Quadruplets next time?

29. More Babies?

Many people want to know what would happen if Nia and Robert decide to have more children, and whether or not she would keep having multiples.

But, this is the question that may never be answered. Nia and Robert are sure that they are not having any more children. And they keep on updated the world on their decisions.

30. The Tolberts

The Tolbert family is rare and equally awesome, so they decided to share a piece of their awesomeness with the world. Moreover, they have a branded nickname ‘Totally Tolbert’.

Their Fundly page is named likewise, and there you can check if they have moved more toward their goal of $40,000 to buy the new family car.

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