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Couple Thought They Are Having A Baby. Husband Faints When Doctors Tell Him What It Is

Nia and Robert Tolbert are one of those couples that just fell in love at the very first sight. They met in 2007 through mutual friends, and immediately started dating. But, little did they know that the life they were going to lead together was going to be full of surprises.

What made their journey so special were Nia’s pregnancies that had beaten all the odds and even made Robert faint once. No doctor could have predicted what Nia and Robert would be having. The news about these pregnancies shocked experts worldwide and made the couple stand in the spotlight for quite some time. But what was so special about them? Read on and find out!

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1. Nia and Robert

Nia and Robert started dating in 2007 after they met through mutual friends. They were instantly in love, and became quickly a happy and devoted couple that everybody could wish for.

As time passed, the love between the two of them just kept growing and it was clear that this relationship was meant to last. Indeed, after a couple of years of dating, exciting news came their way to prove the strength of their love.

2. The Perfect Addition

The news was that Nia was pregnant. The couple from Waldorf, Maryland had their very first pregnancy and they were so happy to be expecting a new addition to their loving duo.

Both of them were ready to become parents and raise a family, so now they couldn’t wait to have their first child. Nia gave birth to a georgeous baby boy named Shai in 2011. But this was just the start, Shai will be certainly the first addition to the family, but the Tolbert household was about to get much bigger.

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3. Wedding Bells

After their first son grew to be 3 years old, Nia and Robert decided to officialize their love and get married. Nia, Robert and little Shai were a beautiful, little family, and they were so happy to have each other.

But there was a thing that will soon change the member count of this family. In fact, shortly before the wedding, something else was cooking. Nia was pregnant again! The family was really curious to find out if the new addition would be a girl or a boy. They had no idea that they will be so surprised when Nia got the sonogram.

4. Identical Twins

The Tolbert family could not wait any longer to find out the gender of the baby. And when finally Nia went to get her sonogram done, she discovered something she wasn’t hoping for.

What Nia and Robert were expecting were actually identical twins! And both of the babies were boys. Nia gave birth to their two beautiful sons named Riley and Alexander in 2015. Now they were a family of five!

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5. Full House

Having a house full of kids has became quite hectic for the Tolberts. Three little boys were unstoppable. However, Nia and Robert managed to keep everything under control and gave lots of love to their little ones.

No matter how much they loved their children, they really felt that their family was big enough and didn’t want to have any more kids. But you can never know what the future holds, and Tolberts too had no idea what was all in store for them.

6. Surprising Third Pregnancy

Only two years after Nia gave birth to their twins, another surprise came. She was pregnant for the third time! Robert and Nia didn’t plan it, but they were still very excited to welcome the new addition to their family.

Now that they had three sons, they were hoping for a baby girl. But the boys wanted another brother. However, Nia felt very different about this pregnancy. She was much more emotional and she saw different physical changes than in her previous two pregnancies.

7. Strange Feeling

Nia was getting a bit worried about how fast her tummy was growing. She thought something might be wrong with this pregnancy. Although she was doing yoga, eating healthy food and taking prescribed vitamins needed for a healthy pregnancy, she still was getting big at a much faster rate than before.

When she went to do her sonogram Nia was both nervous and excited. The sonogram will show that her strange feeling about this pregnancy had a big reason behind it. What she was about to discover will soon change the lives of the Tolbert family.

9. Double Ultrasound Check

Nia was praying that everything is fine with the baby while being at the doctor’s office. The technician asked her if the couple had multiples ran in their family and she thought she must be having twins again.

The ultrasound technician confirmed Nia’s doubts and told her she was having another set of twins. But the technician wanted to do a double check before letting Nia go home. So they did another sonogram that will reveal something the Tolbert’s never hoped for.

10. Triplets After Twins

The second sonogram revealed that Nia was actually having three babies instead of two. The doctor said that getting pregnant with one child, then twins then triplets all naturally is “extremely unlikely” despite bot of Nia and Robert’s sides of the family had history of multiple births.

Nia was now thinking about how she should share the surprising news with Robert. She had to leave Maryland for the weekend, so she thought that leaving a goodbye gift Robert would find after she left would be a great idea.

11. Surprised Dad

Nia left a gift that had a picture of her sonogram with clearly marked triplets and three onesies. She also left a note that was asking Robert to “accept this gift from her and God”.

When he opened the bag and saw the long sonogram and three onesies numbered 1,2 and 3, Robert fainted! He was so shocked that he could not have an reaction but went straight to bed. He got over the shock and accepted that he now needed to make all the adjustments in order to welcome the triplets.

12. Girls On The Way

Robert and Nia decided they didn’t want to know the gender of the babies right away. So, they chose to throw a gender reveal party where they would pop balloons whose color of the confetti would indicate the genders of their triplets.

When the time came to pop the balloons, everyone was super excited. They popped the first balloon and pink confetti were falling! A girl! The second one revealed a girl, and the third one, again showed that it was a girl! Tolberts were going to have three beautiful daughters!

13. The Eight-Member Family

Nia’s due date was on February 9th, but with triplets you can never know what to expect. And actually, Nia gave birth to their 3 beautiful baby girls via cesarean section on January 30th, 2018. All the babies were healthy and the birth was finally over.

All of the babies were in between 4 to 4.6 pounds. Two of the triplets were identical and got named Zuri and Bailey, while the third baby was fraternal and named Mackenzie. After the third pregnancy with triplets Nia became known as 1-2-3 mom. The Tolberts were now a much larger family than they ever imagined they could be, but there was love all around.

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