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50 Creatures You Will See Only In Australia

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So you fancy a vacation to the land down under? Get the number of some good exterminators before you head out anywhere. Oh, you think we’re joking? Nope, while it might be a gorgeous continent full of culture and adventure, it also has some of the scariest animals in the world. Go ahead and check out the totally terrifying, real beasts of the Australian wild we complied.

Let’s count the ways Australia is trying to kill all the Australians. The list is ranked, so keep reading to see the most terrifying and bizarre creatures and let us know your favorite – our is #17!

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1. Bargain Shopper

What a nice and hot day in Australia, let’s go shopping! I mean, it must be a win/win situation, right, you take a stroll around, get some new stuff, cool down from this heat wave, what could possibly go wrong, right?

Aaaah!!! Australia, what do you feed these animals with?! And most importantly, how in the God’s name did it get inside the shop?! No matter what, you gotta appreciate the lady’s lack of bewilderment for what’s going on.

Could be worse, right? In any case, I’m sure if I was in that exact moment, I wouldn’t be thinking such casual thoughts, instead I’d be screaming my head off like any sane person who sees a massive snake come crawling into a store.

2. Dracula Lives

Australia is host to many giant species of bats and if you’re in the area, well you might even run into the great-great-great-father of Count Dracula. Wouldn’t that just be peachy? Maybe he’ll take a #selfie with you if you’re lucky enough to be granted such a pleasure.

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If you believe that getting bitten by bugs is a huge problem, try picturing yourself living in a town called Batemans Bay, in (you guessed it!) Australia, which has been possessed by 100,000 bats! They have inhabited the trees and have apparently come because this area is rich in their food, trees.

Apparently, they have not only made everyone uncomfortable, but are also making a terrible noise that is making it impossible for people to live, work, forget about them and even feel safe. Zoinks!!! Well, i can tell you this much, I will not be visiting this beautiful town any time soon!

3. Good Time For A Swim

Maybe it’s not the greatest mode of transport in Australia. Pictured here is a crowded swarming of beetles that took command of a boat and kept everyone hostage. Uhh, could someone call some exterminators like, right now?! Or even pest control, whatever you think is best.

What I am really wondering is WHAT happened here? How did this happen?! Was the boat transporting honey from one side of the country to the other, and more importantly, did the honey SPILL?! Well, if this is the case, I must say I am not one bit surprised.

Go at it, bees! You are endangered anyways, this might be your revenge against humanity.

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4. Here, Fishy

Hey, what’s this? Looks like a pool of milk water came from the ocean, let’s go check it out! Looks so cool, let’s touch it! Oh, and take a #selfie with it of course, OMG, we will have so many likes on Instagram!

Oh look, a giant jellyfish. That’s not so bad, is it? Well, it’s not THAT bad cause it crashed on the rocky shore and died. However that massive jellyfish was swimming around in the Australian waters so count yourself lucky that it isn’t anymore! Unless, there’s more we don’t know about. Yeah, I’m going to be thinking about that now. Great.

Australia you did it again. Why am I even surprised anymore? Apparently with this continent/country it’s all about giant animals and freaking out tourists. I definitely feel welcome here and will definitely come again. NOT!

5. Hole In One

What a nice day again! Let’s go play golf, it’s my favorite thing to do (since I gave up shopping after the picture number 1 happened). YEAAAAH! I hit it, it went inside the hole! Wait… did it just jump right out?! What in the heaven’s name?

If you’re ever wondering why your golf ball won’t go in the hole, just take a peek. But be careful! You could be one the lucky few who find snakes curled up, such as this one. We told you to keep an exterminators number on speed dial, didn’t we? You never know when it will come in handy in Australia.

6. Insects Can Be Cool Too

Up next, some Australian insects, who are not only enormous, but also some are even human-friendly (or at least they are with this guy). I think I’ll pass and just contact pest control service (again!) cause that’s just a nope in my book.

Jeeeeeez! My only concern is – what do they eat? Cause if they are carnivores I’m pretty sure I’ll be running the opposite way right about now. Can you imagine one of these in your house? Yup, giant insects taking over planet all-night nightmare coming soon!

7. Is It A Bird, Is It A Plane, No It’s Uhh….

We have no idea if this is a massive tarantula or a giant crab or just Spiderman after he got bit. I don’t think that even exterminators could help get rid of this immense and terrifying creature. Unless they had one giant net and a whole lot of courage.

Again, what really happened here? How did this….ummm…spider? Gigantic crab? The monster from my nightmares?… become? And what is he even doing on this can? Looking for food? Or simply chilling waiting patiently to be taken inside? Well that just gave me shivers down my spine…

8. King Of The Water

If you have run into one of these situations, i can tell you this much, its a once in a lifetime opportunity to presence this epic battle. It’s not only about the honor, it’s the glory, the lands, the food and the chicks you get by winning this! So, place your bets wisely, you’re about to see something LEGEN wait for it DARY!

This is the ultimate battle to find out once and for all just who the King of the Water really is. Round one – FIGHT! And ding, ding, ding. We have got a winner, ladies and gentlemen. The sheer size and power of the crocodile totally overwhelmed the shark you see before you. How that’s even possible is beyond me but here, nature has its own set of rules.

9. Nothing To See Here, Act Normal!

This is perhaps one of the most bizarre pictures to emerge from Australia and that’s saying a lot. As you can see we’ve got a rather curious ostrich, a llama, a collared sheep and two humans. Need we go on?

My guess it the couple came to a petting zoo that has been closed for a while, so animals have forgotten what humans and there strange picture-making geer looks like. The ostrich’s face says it all – what’s THAT? Can I see? Or maybe the ostrich is one of the local trolls that goes around and messes with everybody? Who are we to judge?

10. Oh…Hey, Didn’t See You There

Did you know that the saltwater crocodile is one of the largest creatures that can be found in Australia? Here are some Japanese visitors who took pictures of the giant snout, sharp fanged crocodile while partaking on an organized tour. Nothing out of the ordinary for Australia we guess.

You have to appreciate the bewilderment on their faces, though. You can definitely see that this is so much more than what they paid for and/or expected when they decided to take the tour. Go for sailing in Australia, they said. It will be fun, they said. No, there will absolutely be no danger in that, they said.

Me, i would most likely die of heart attack if one of these jumped out on me while i was peacefully soaking in the Australian nature. Note to self – never take a cruise in Australia unless you have a death wish.

11. So, What’s For Dinner?

It’s no secret that in Australia, sharks are always in jeopardy. After what we can only imagine was an exhausting fight in the water, the dog made it and then proceeded to tear apart the shark. All that’s left now is to eat it. Tasty? We’ll let him be the judge of that.

Remember our epic battle from before, a giant crocodile against a shark? Round one – the shark lost, that was clear. And fighting for the dignified second place as the King of the Ocean it will confront a DOG! You heard it, a dog! Makes so much sense, everyone knows that dogs are excellent swimmers and that they master the waters of australia.

Oh, you didn’t know that? I’m pretty sure you have no doubts now, after this gruesome battle the shark obviously can no more be called even a Prince of the Ocean. Seriously, what’s the matter with Australian sharks? Don’t we say for somebody fierce and ambitious “you’re a shark”? We might consider changing that into “you’re a dog!”.

12. Stephen King Approved

You know how Stephen King writes some of the scariest novels in the world…well do you think he gets his inspiration of the creepy, crawly creatures running around Australia? It’s plausible. Yeahhhh, this giant spider can change its own shape and even dotes a diabolic design, like a skull. How…nifty. ~GULP~

Send one of these my way and i will think it’s a prank. Come on, who would think that nature has such a wicked sense of humor? Let me just quote Ron from HP francize here for a moment: Spiders, why does it always have to be – follow the spiders? Why couldn’t it be follow the butterflies?

13. Stuck On You

The Lionel Richie song comes to mind but then again, I’m not sure how a blood sucking tick the size of Godzilla compares to a hit song.

Well this tick looks like it had a huge dinner. In fact, it looks like it ate a whole eggplant on its own. But ticks aren’t as benign as they look are they? And they do not eat eggplants, do they? In fact, i’m pretty sure they feast on human and animal blood. Well, that’s just peachy, isn’t it? Australia, you did it again…

14. ‘Sup?

“Honey, we’ve got a new pet! It’s a massive lizard that likes to walk on walls.” Oh. How lovely. How are we gonna name him? Itsy bitsy spider? Lizards that possess spider-like behavior, just what the Doctor ordered.

Looks totally harmless, doesn’t it? It looks like he was just looking for some shade, a cold bring, or hey, maybe he was even just looking to make friends. You go buddy, just make sure you don’t move from there, okay? I will provide with all the food you can eat, just DO NOT try to get into my house.

15. The Ultimate Photobomb

ROTFL. I’m still doubled over, dying with laughter. This cow is the King of all photobombs that have ever come out. It’s pretty hard to argue with that, wouldn’t you say? Also, can we just say that’s the greatest expert reporting we’ve ever seen.

There is no doubt that the cow is a pro in her job, photobombing, but my question is – what kind of newspapers have this asnews? Seriously? That’s the biggest and most important thing to report that day? And if the answer is yes, i want the reporters job.

16. Yee Haw

Just another day in the office. Who doesn’t jump on their scooter to go retrieve a sheep that has gotten loose and their sheep herding dog can’t help? Totally normal. Wait, what?

I’m really curious to hear what the sheep is thinking. Is it terrified and has no idea what is happening to her? Or it’s just slightly bewildered but totally enjoying it cause it’s never taken a motorbike ride before? I sincerely hope it’s the second one and that her wool won’t fall off from all the stress she’s been under.

17. Nom Nom

Ugh, the snakes in this country are insane. Like, we get it, they eat anything and everything pretty much. Doesn’t make it any less creepy! Just look at the bulk after it has swallowed the animals head. Jeez Louise.

This is just straight out of National Geographic Channel. What the heck is happening here? And more importantly how did the snake manage to stun something that looks like a large chameleon? You know what, on second thought, don’t answer that, i don’t even wanna know. Some things are better left unsaid, ignorance is bliss and all that.

18. Let’s Hike!

OMG, seriously, what is it with Australia and their snakes?! I mean, how is this even possible? Is there even a law of physics that can explain this to me? How strong is this snake? Yes, i will hold for my answer.

To the batcave! Although we’re not really sure if even Batman could make the situation any less terrifying here. Not unless he’s got some of the best exterminators in the world and even then i’d think it twice before going after this beast.

19. Fishing, Anyone?

Yeaahhhh, we’ll keep saying it, the snakes in Australia are INSANE! It’s clear that even they have to eat in order to survive, but my question is how can they eat pray that’s a few times their size? I’m pretty sure that my fear of snake if totally legit now.

Btw, where is this picture taken from? Is the photographer INSIDE the river where this gigantic snake is hunting? If the answer is yes, DOES HE HAVE A DEATH WISH? I mean, sure, you like to take pretty pictures of wild animals, but enough is enough, man! Go, run, save yourself!

20. Nope.

Let’s go swimming. Then let’s get put into a plastic, see through cage. With alligators and crocodiles swimming all around us. It’ll be fun, they said. Hey, why is this crocodile swimming our way and seems incredibly hungry? Sorry but this is so not normal. Pass.

Whoever created this kind of experience is a genious. He said – if we can swim with sharks, who’s to say that we cannot swim with alligators and crocodiles? I mean, what could possibly go wrong? Dear insane visionary, i can tell you at least a dozen of things than could go wrong. Do NOT count on me trying this.

21. Yeah, No.

Like we mentioned in the last slide, heck no. This is just taking things too far and the adrenaline rush has got to be insane.knowing myself i’d be trying desperately to swim somehow opposite from this creature.

Besides, i can’t really say that the guys face says – “this is the best decision of my life, i’d definitely do this again!” in fact i think that he might be regretting it a bit and thinking – who put me up for this and why do i hate myself?

22. Welp

Here’s to hoping this is some kind of optical illusion. Oh, it isn’t? Yeah, that doesn’t make things ANY better, at all.

Seriously, everybody knows that sharks are really dangerous and eat humans and all that, but come on, is this really necessary? To kill an animal just for fun or just to make this insane picture? Shame on you, humanity, shame on you. These animals are endangered now because of people like this smartass.

23. Prize

Who doesn’t want to take home a prize crocodile in the back of their truck no less? Is it just me then? Again, yes, these animals are enormous and scary and would probably eat you if you were in their way, but was this really necessary?

Does it make me a bad person if a part of me is hoping that the crocodile is just playing dead so that when the truck stops he can go after his hunters? Well, it is what it is. But i can tell you this much, i wouldn’t be unhappy to see this kind of plot twist.

24. When It Floods

If there was a flooding and I saw this – I’d be running in the opposite direction and not taking photos. This is definitely something out of the league when it comes to pest control service. It makes you wonder what else might be living in the sewers, doesn’t it?

No wonder how you may be feeling about seeing a crocodile in the park in broad daylight, you can’t not appreciate the sheer joy on his face. This little fella has maybe seen the daylight for the first time now, let him enjoy it a bit.

25. Uhh

There’s really no easy way to say this, but holy h*ll! Is that a lightning bolt of fire? My heavens, the shock is spelled all over my face, and yours probably too. This will just create some serious damage won’t it?

The question that imposses itself yet again is how did it come to this? If it really is a lighting bolt that it must’ve hit the ground and caught the surrounding dry trees and bushes on fire. Or alternatively, judging by the cloud of smoke this could be a huge forest fire. What do you think? What is your version?

26. Danger!

Oh, how nice. Oh wait. No, it’s not! There are stonefish here, which just so happen to be Earth’s most venomous fish. Mind where you walk please. And wear thick-soled shoes. And don’t play in the shallow. You know what, on second thought, don’t even get in the water.

There is such a thing as a stone fish. Wow. Okay. Gimme a second to get my head wrapped around this fact and … start buying my return ticket! So long, Australia! See you again soon. Absolutely NOT!

27. Comin’ For Yah

Not only is there a storm on its way, but it also washes up sharks on shore, yeah, that’s totally normal. Oh, no, wait, scratch that, no, it definitely isn’t. Who’s to say what’s next to appear on Australia’s shores?

A million dollar question for all of you – what’s better then a strong storm near the ocean? A storm that brings sharks onto the shore? You got it! And it’s a pretty big one, too. And when i say pretty big, i mean, huge, enormous, size of an SUV.

28. Run!

This again?! Come on, snakes, get your sh*t together! When you’ve got THIS coming out of the electrics of the roof of your house, call exterminators and pest control service and then run! Don’t snap photos.

How is it even possible that a snake comes through the ceiling and not just the ceiling but also through you chandelier? Something is so wrong in this country and i don’t even know where to start… crocodiles in the park, huge spiders on trash cans, snakes coming out of, well, anything. Well, none of this is really my cup of tea.

29. Electric Bill

When your electric bill comes in, be sure to check the fuze box. Never know, it might be covered with spiders! What do you even do if you find one of these flocks of spiders in your basement? Pest control is sounding like a best friend right now, isn’t it?

You, know, i think i want to start a business in Australia, and guess what it will be? You guessed it, it will be an insect and pest control agency! I have reasons to believe that i will be a billionaire in a matter of months. Wanna partner up?

30. Warm Welcome

Well that’s not what you want…. Everyone loves a warm greeting when they come home from a long day at the office, but when you see ~this~ upon your return – the smile is wiped from your face in .00002 seconds.

Imagine returning from your Bahamas dreamy summer vacation and finding this. Yeah, i think i would just never return home again, either. I mean, who’s to say that there isn’t a party going on already inside? No thanks, i don’t own anything THAT precious.

31. Toilet Buddy

Maybe this image will help you determine just how you have the toilet paper roll facing from now on. On second thought, who needs toilet paper? I will just sneak slowly out of the toilet and lock the door and never come back!

Judging by one of our previous pictures (you remember the one with mummy spider and thousands of baby spiders) where there is one spider there is for sure at the very least one more. Let me just leave that here. Think about it.

32. Oh, Nice

So not only do alligators come to your neighborhood during a flood but also sharks! What could be better? What’s next? Jellyfish, sea urchins, whales? Who’s to say where the end is? Hey, maybe we could just build an aquarium in our neighbourhood and make some good money out of it.

I have a question. Since the situation is as it is, can this shark swim into one of the neighboring basements? Cause that would be just a huge shock. Imagine opening your basement door to check the damage of the flood and finding yourself face to face with a shark. Run, run, run for your life!

33. My Squishy

Oh nooo, please don’t tell those are… JELLYFISH! Dory might make jellyfish seem all cute and innocent but a sight like this, is so the opposite. Whatever you do, don’t fall in. Or you will find yourself searching for somebody to pee on you like Monica did.

Hey, no matter what, make sure you have an amazing friend like Joey next to you to take care of the situation. You go, Joey, that’s what friends are for, to step up and help each other even if that means having to pee on them so that they’re not in pain anymore.

34. So, This Happened

What is it with snakes and alligators? Ugh, this is truly disgusting and freaky that I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting any sleep tonight after seeing this! Australia, you did it once again. You’re making me lose sleep.

I’m not even sure i can qite understand what the situation is like here. Is the snake eating the alligator? Or there is a snake that’s eating an alligator and that’s being eaten by another snake? Is it me or somebody else thinks this might be a good inception material?

35. Reef Stonefish

Meet the reef stonefish, one of the world’s most dangerous fish, and plenty of these dangerous fish live just off the Australian coast. The fact that it can blend in almost perfectly with the rocks surrounding it, is super freaky. Here’s why that’s bad, if you step on one because you can’t see it, you’ll be in pure agony and on your way to the hospital.

Ugh stonefish again? I think i need to take a look at that danger sign again, i’m not sure what i am to do if i step on one of these. I’ve gotta hand it to you Australia, you’ve got some weird*ss flora and fauna.

36. Blue-ringed Octopus

Well, this little creature just looks like something from finding Dory, doesn’t it? I mean, if it looks so nice and colourful it couldn’t possibly be dangerous or God forbid deadly, right? WRONG! Meet blue-ringed octopus.

While it may look cool, it is known to hide out in the Australian tide pools and is also responsible for over 20 recorded deaths. On top of that, there is no known anti-venom for the powerful poison it possess. Death can occur within two hours of getting stung, so my point is, do not swim in any kind of waters in Australia.

37. Flyin’ High

Snakes on a plane, anyone? No joke either! Passengers on-board a flight from Australia to Papua New Guinea were incredibly shocked to look out their cabin windows and see a 3-meter snake handing off the wing of the plane.

Sooo, what happened afterwards? Come on! You can’t leave like this, without knowing what happened next. Did the have to land and safely remove the snake? How did the pilots react? Was there a general state of panic in the plane?

Or did it alternatively the snake migrate to Papua New Guinea? And start a new life there? Hey, what if it fell down in the middle of the flight on somebody’s head or car or house? What happens then? It’s just savage leaving us here to speculate.

38. Yeah, You, Hey.

Just australian things. My best guess would be that this shark just got so hungry that it attempted to eat a golfer. Or some crazy nonsense like that. Are we even surprised? Are we really? After all the things we’ve seen about Australia by now? C’mon.

Daily dose of Australia – wake up on a SUnday morning and decide to go to play golf with your friends. Finish the game of golf, sit on the soft green grass to chill. See something in the artificial lake that they made. Joke that it might be a shark. Notice that it really is a shark. Run for your life!

39. Surf’s Up

Please tell me that another surfer lost his surfboard thanks to a huge wave and that it somehow sunk inside the wave. No way, huh? Well, pardon me, but i do always like to see the glass half full.

This is one of the situations when ignorance is bliss has never looked so good. Or is it the other way around? We’re not too sure as we’re in total shock by what our eyes are seeing. It looks like a shark is chilling in front of a surfer. Jeez, i would not be him right now.

40. Nessie

I’m surprised that no one has claimed this was Nessie, the Loch Ness monster. Alas, it’s just a crocodile as if that’s supposed to provide any comfort whatsoever. By the way, i think Nessie might even be less dangerous that this bloodthirsty animal.

You have to admit, no matter what, that he seems like he’s enjoying life big time. I mean, the only thing missing for this to become his cover picture on Facebook is a cocktail with a straw and an umbrella inside and for him to be on a flamingo inflatable thingy.

41. Spiderman

As if spiders weren’t scary enough, there’s this massive cluster of ’em crawling around. I’ll continue to bring it up but pest control service is a must when in Australia. Without a shadow of a doubt.

I mean, seriously, look at the surrounding. This could be easily be one of the touristic, picturesque beaches of Australia. And strolling around you run into this. You have to hand it to them to, they have a really ich wildlife and all those that appreciate that kind of things will surely enjoy his time here.

42. Millipedes.

Come on! I mean i like bugs as much as the next girl but my skin is literally crawling with the heebie-jeebies right now. I’d really like exterminators to come right about now because this is the creepiest thing ever. Nightmares guaranteed.

I don’t even want to think how it is possible for them to be that many or better et to get inside of a house like that. I mean, seriously, why, oh why did i have to see this? I was better off knowing nothing about animals in Australia.

43. Giant

Giant and creepy earthworms are plentiful in Australia as if that’s acceptable. We’ve said it before, befriend exterminators as soon as possible, it’s for your own good.

How do they even get so big is beyond me. And again, i’m overwhelmed with questions – are these insanely gigantic worms able to eat a snake? How about a mouse or rat? No? Well, that’s just disappointing, i must admit.

44. Hangry

Chalk it up to a chase of hangry cassowaries to leave you defending yourself with a board? What in the world? I need to find out the behind the scenes of this situation ASAP!

Like what could have the unfortunate photographer possibly done to have a huge angry, feathery animal on top of him? Disturb his privacy? Take unauthorized pictures of his babies just when he was about to get an excellent offer for first publishing of baby photos of Hello? C’mon.

45. Venom

Ever heard of the saying that poison is kept in small bottles? Well, meet the Irukandji jellyfish, yup, you’re looking at a teeny-tiny jellyfish. Their venom is 100 times as potent as a cobra and 1,000 times as potent as a tarantula. Why, Australia, why?

I’m wondering why they don’t teach us this kind of stuff in school. You know like, if you ever travel to Australia make sure you look out for: giant snakes that can eat a crocodile, crocodiles and dogs that eat sharks, freaky spiders, loose sharks in your neighbourhood, tiny and not so tiny jellyfish…. The list seems to be endless.

46. Peek a Boo

This is not a game of hide-and-go-seek that I would join. Nope, noooo thank you. Mr.Snake receives an automatic win for this one.

What i really dislike about this snake is that it’s absolutely ready to hunt, you can see it having itssearching for preylook. The worst thing is that that is most likely exactly what’s happening here, she dropped by the store to grab lunch. Yikes!

47. Bat like human

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no wait it’s just a bat that’s the size of a toddler. And a pretty big toddler, i might add.

Remember the story about gigantic bats we had ealier in the article? Well, they don’t stop amazing us, so here it is again. Hey, we don’t need to be so negative. Look at his nails, he might just be going for a mani – pedi and we’re here selfishly freaking out.

48. Dinner time

When you’re hungry, you’re hungry. But of course, poor shark because it looks like this croc is extra hungry today!

In case you weren’t convinced about who the King of the Ocean is after the first round, here round two – FIGHT! And guess what, the crocodile wins yet again! If i were a shark i would absolutely not tempt them again.

49. Don’t forget to flush

How terrible would it be to walk into a bathroom stall and see this big guy? SUPER terrible! Dead or alive, this is a sight for sore eyes. Lesson learned: before sitting on toilet ALWAYS check the bowl first.

Look how nice and comfy he looks in there, how can you even disturb him and take him out? No seriously, how DO you take it out of there without having your head bitten off? I surely have no ideas, we could always Google it.

50. Hang tide!

Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no! Please, oh please tell me that this is a mermaid taking a swim among all these surfers and swimmers. On an entirely different matter, are there vegetarian and vegan sharks?

Wow, look how pretty the color of the water is! A beautiful array of blue tints: blue, turquoise, green, yellow, light blue, and black. Wait that black is not a shade of blue folks, that is a SHARK! Seems like these surfer dudes are totally chill with him being there. Hey, maybe he’s a good surfer – hang tide bro!

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