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Monkey Mom Being Overprotective Over Her Kid

Internet fascination over little primates never grows old. There’s a reason why they are among the most intelligent mammals out there, and maybe a slight resemblance with humans makes their behavior even more relatable to us.

There are tons of videos of monkey parenthood and how they protect their kids, rail at them and share tender moments. They never stop amazing the Internet.

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This monkey momma just doesn’t let anyone play roughly with her little kid. It almost seems she was thinking: “Don’t you dare touch my daughter”. Check it out yourself and get prepared to laugh.

Don’t you fucking touch my kid. from r/AnimalsBeingJerks

To be honest, it reminds us of all the situations in our childhood when overprotective parents didn’t let our friends play with us if the game became a little more extreme.

What’s even funnier is how casually the other monkey parent accepted that his kid was slapped. The primate parents just kept on chewing while nonchalantly as if nothing happened while making sure their children don’t fall off the wall. Those parental instincts are just on the spot, and their naughty little kids don’t even distract them that much.

These monkey parents are totally over their children’s monkey business.

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