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10 Most Overrated Movies Of All Time

Movies are a great way to entertain yourself and others. Out of all the ones that exist, very few can be considered memorable, depending on the generation you are from. A great deal of them have won awards, but are they worth your time? Here are ten of the most overrated films we know of.

1. The Lion King

This one is on the list of Disney Classics, but as a Disney original it gets the lowest rating next to Pocahontas because it is a product of piracy and embellishing.

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Released in 1994, The Lion King was about the ascension of Simba, the son of the King. During a particularly tough time in Simba’s life, as he begins to lose hope that he would defeat Scar, Mufasa appears in the stars to encourage him.

The great majority of this storyline was taken from a Japanese animated series called Kimba the White Lion. This particular series came out in 1965, at least 30 years before The Lion King was released, making it one of the most overrated movies ever.

2. Titanic

Way to bank off of one of the worst human tragedies in human history. This gem follows the courting of Rose and Jack as they take passage on the ship Titanic, a vessel that is claimed to be unsinkable.

But the substandard script and the lackluster romance between our protagonists aren’t reason enough to sit through two hours of cinematic garbage. The most exciting part was the ship sinking.

Too many awards for a movie where some woman didn’t want to share space on a door that was big enough for two people.

3. The Blair Witch Project

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You can thank this movie for films like Paranormal Activity. The Blair Witch Project is a 1999 film in the ‘found footage horror’ genre. It follows the story of student filmmakers who disappeared near Burkittsville, Maryland in 1994 searching for the Blair Witch.

The camera work is nauseating, but hard to even believe. The scariest part, if there was even supposed to be one, was when the group found what looked to be congealed food.

Doesn’t deserve the praise it always gets.

4. La La Land

Musicals are wonderful if they are actually done well. But La La Land fails to do that in almost every way. In an attempt bring back a 1940s and 50s feel to back to the genre, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone skip their way through a set that was dark and unimaginative. The set looked like a high school drama club put it together.

The weak dance numbers couldn’t save the terrible music from sinking this one.

5. The Passion of the Christ

We get it, Jesus died for humanity’s future sins. But why does the audience have to be subjected to what is essentially torture porn? It is just 127 minutes of brutality and torture. If a movie with so much blood and gore gets such praise, then movies like the Saw franchise should be given the same.

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6. Twilight

This was a terrible movie series based on terribly written books. Bella, a human has trouble deciding between who she loves more: a werewolf named Jacob, or a sparkly vampire named Edward.

Bella supposedly has a kid with Edward, even though the books state vampires have only venom in their body. There are a various number of obvious plot holes, but people are still entranced by the supernatural love triangle.

7. Rudy

This is the sad story about some poor guy trying to gain the approval of a man who cares nothing for him: his own father. Rudy goes to every practice in the hopes of making it onto the field for a real game sometime. It isn’t until the last game of the years, that he’s given that opportunity.

The people associated with the real Rudy contend that most of the movie’s facts are completely false.

8. American Pie

The first one was alright, but that did nothing for what followed the first. As time went on, the series simply degenerated into a sad attempt at adult humor involving high school kids.

If you haven’t already seen this, save yourself the trouble and avoid it.

9. Beauty and the Beast

The 2017 version of this movie got a lot of praise for finally bringing the characters into live-action. While the visuals were pretty decent, the singing was average at times, making you wonder how long they really practiced.

It’s alright, but I would never suggest it to someone else.

10. The Beach

While the gorgeous cinematography definitely makes this movie stand out. The critics are quite harsh when commenting this film. Apparently, The Beach is seen as a shallow adaptation of Alex Garland’s novel it is based on.

The plot is unfocused and muddled, and therefore critics believe that this movie shouldn’t be praised as one of the best movies ever filmed. Plus, The Beach provoked controversy during filming due to environmental concerns after crew members cleaned out with bulldozers parts of the Phi Phi Le Island in Thailand to plant trees that didn’t belong to that habitat. Not cool.

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