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Restaurant Gets A One Star Review From A Rude Customer, Surprisingly The Owner Still Remembers Her

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Have you ever dealt with someone you just couldn’t satisfy? Was it a family member or someone at your place of business?
For anyone with experience in the food industry, rude customers are a common problem among the most frequented establishments. Some people leave such an impression, that the employees will give them nicknames to warn others of when they arrive.

For some, these encounters are few and far between. Most employees are spared the agony of having to say anything by a mindful manager who steps in. But, when you run the establishment yourself, it is a whole other story.

When businesses go out of their way to ensure a pleasant visit for their guests, their negative reviews may seem out of the ordinary. A guest who may have felt wronged might go out of his or her way to write multiple negative reviews.

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Places like Amy’s Baking Company, a restaurant popularized by TV, have many negative reviews that are completely justified. Their behavior on television showed that their negative reviews were well-deserved.

Most employees of a food establishment will not wade through multiple review sites online, unless asked to do so by a manager. Responses to certain reviews are usually given at the manager’s discretion. At times, this can be a good or bad thing, depending on the contents of the response. Some visitors may leave such a bad taste in one’s mouth, that they are remembered many months down the line.

There is a limit to the patience of individuals in the food service industry, a fact rude customers aren’t always aware of. One manager in particular, remembered a customer by the name of ‘Monica’ well enough, to detail her lack of etiquette in his response to her review. Here’s the manager’s response:

Restaurant Owner's Reply to a Rude Customers Bad Review

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