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Tom Sizemore Dead at 61 After Brain Aneurysm

Tom Sizemore, best known for his roles in military action dramas Saving Private Ryan and Black Hawk Down, is dead following his hospitalization due to a brain aneurysm. He was 61. On Friday, Tom’s manager Charles Lago confirmed his death to PEOPLE which comes two weeks after the actor collapsed […]

Gwendlyn Brown Asks Jennifer Coolidge to Officiate Wedding

Sister Wives‘ Gwendlyn Brown has a wedding coming up, and she’s already got some ideas about who she’d like to oversee her vows to fiancée Beatriz Queiroz The TLC personality, who is one of Christine and Kody Brown‘s six children, made a special request on her Instagram Story Friday. “Please […]

Where Is Alex Murdaugh’s Dog, Bubba?

A beloved family dog proved to play a surprising key role in convincing a jury that Alex Murdaugh murdered his wife and son. In a shocking twist of events during Murdaugh’s high-profile, nearly six-week trial, prosecutors presented the court with a Snapchat video captured by Paul Murdaugh the night he […]