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In This Hand Painted Village In Africa Not A Single Pattern Is Repeated

Africa is home to a lot of the world’s population. Said to be the cradle of life for humanity itself, the 54 country continent is home to some of the world’s most interesting places. The Sahara desert and the Nile River are just some of its natural wonders, but what about those that are man-made?

One of the most beautiful places in all of Africa has to be the small village of Tiebele, in the small nation of Burkina Faso. Built by the Kassena people, the 3-acre large settlement is nicknamed ‘The Painted Village’ for all the artwork that adorns the dwellings in it.

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Each of the buildings was hand-painted by the locals and judging by the patterns of shapes, it was done with great care. Painting the houses requires a patient mind, using materials such as mixed dirt, chalk, clay, and careful polishing.

The most interesting part about the artwork isn’t even the fact that it is hand-painted by the residents, but the fact that no pattern repeats. The designs that adorn each building in Tiebele are unique to the building it is painted on.

Reminiscent of the dwelling on the fictional planet of Tatooine, the houses are made of all natural materials, sourced locally: wood, straw, and soil. Doors that are only two feet tall and small opening for light help keep temperatures in the dwellings low.

In Tiebele, residents must wait two days after a dwelling is built until a sign shows in the form of a lizard. If the cold-blooded animal graces the floor of the house, is it suitable for living in? If no lizard shows, it is simply demolished.

Because the materials used for construction create challenges in structural integrity, efforts have been made to turn the village into a tourist destination to help gather funds for the preservation of The Painted Village.

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