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Tropical Jungles Of Australia Hide A Stunning Castle With Luxurious Gardens

The forests of the world hold secrets we continue to discover to this day. We find the remains to ancient cities time and again, in places we once thought we found everything. Some of the wonders that can be found in forests are made more recently in the 1900s like Paronella Park.

Hidden within the trees of an Australian forest in North Queensland, Paronella Park was a castle built into the landscape by Spanish businessman Jose Paronella. It was completed in 1935.

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The idea was to build a castle for all people. Guests were welcome as it was built as more of a place of leisure for those who were willing to make the journey out into the jungle.

Things like movie nights, weddings, parties, and dances were held at Paronella Park. It also provided stunning views of the local flora and fauna that accentuated the stone structures built into the wild.

A beautiful waterfall can be observed as you cross a rope bridge that goes over the body of water it drains into.

Source: Eulinky

This forest getaway location is 174 miles from Townsville and about 75 miles from Cairns. Don’t expect to have a speedy ride to the castle, though. You’ll need to rent your own set of wheels to get there.

If you think one day isn’t enough to see all the sights Paronella has to offer, then feel free to stay overnight at the park’s campsite. You can then relax and participate in a daytime or nighttime tour, depending on your sleep schedule.

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Despite a flood destroying a substantial part of the park in 1946 and Jose passing two years after, his dream of a paradise for the public is kept alive today by new owners Mark and Judy Evans.

Paronella Park looks like something out of a movie and you owe it to yourself to visit if you’re ever in North Queensland, Australia.

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