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What’s The Difference Between Pasta And Noodles?

Noodles and pasta are great food items if you are looking for a quick way to have a meal. With noodles or pasta in addition to a few other ingredients, a person can make some of the tastiest dishes known to exist. They’re great to feed to children whose taste buds are still developing and want something simple.
While they can both be used to make great dishes, there are a couple of fundamental differences between the two foods.


When one thinks of pasta, the first image that comes to mind is a plate of spaghetti and meatballs. It is understandable that would be the association as pasta is of an Italian origin. The word “pasta” is a “generic term used to refer to a variety of dishes made using unleavened dough.”

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Pasta is typically made using the flat sheet of dough. This dough is made using wheat flour mixed with water, making a ‘paste’ before a cook might mold it into a ball of dough before flattening it to the preferred thickness.

In addition to the simple water/flour mixture for pasta, an individual may also use dough made with ingredients like grains and cereals. Some fresh pasta may occasionally add eggs for the particular pasta.

The most consumed type around the world is dried pasta, as most dishes do not require fresh made pasta.

Dessert Pasta?

Believe it or not, an Italian with a knack for sweet sometime in history decided pasta could taste sweet as well.

Some chefs have created things like jumbo pasta shell covered in gourmet chocolate, orcetti pasta dusted in cacao powder and filled with rich fudge, or dessert raviolis stuffed with ingredients like espresso, rum, and ground nuts.

It is most common for those who’ve had pasta to be familiar with most savory dishes. But some of the sweet foods have existed as long as the savory ones themselves.


Noodles are different from pasta, first with their origin starting in the country of China. While both pasta and noodles are eaten by many different cultures around the world, noodles win out on being the most popular food item to currently exist.

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We know it is eaten mainly as a dish at a daily meal, but many snacks make use of noodles as an ingredient. Noodles are usually made with unleavened wheat dough. No matter where you find the noodle, you will usually find them in strips that are lengthy and slim.

Each culture may create them in other shapes such as tubes and waves. Noodles are unique in that time in a pot of boiling water is enough to make them edible.
For many Asian dishes, noodles are fried with other ingredients. Chow mein is one of many dishes that utilize fried noodles to make up the bulk of the dish.
The most common noodle is those made with wheat flour, though some are based with rice, potato, and acorn. I cannot say for certain whether or not I have tried any of the latter.

Identifiable Similarities and Differences

Pasta, as we know, comes from the boot-shaped country of Italy. The noodles that are placed in ‘ramen cups’ and Top Ramen packages originated in China. The most consistent trait of noodles is their long and thin shapes, though they can be found in other shapes.

It is widely accepted that noodles may be considered a type of pasta.

Famous Pasta Dishes

• Spaghetti al Pomodoro – a dish using spaghetti pasta, professional chefs swear by using sun-ripened tomatoes for the best flavor. Garlic and fresh basil are added during cooking for an alluring aroma
• Pesto – notable for its green color thanks to a soft basil mix, pesto uses flat-shaped past and is seasoned with garlic, salt, pine nuts, a helping of Pecorino and Parmesan, with a splash of extra virgin olive oil
• Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe – this is a simple dish that uses string pasta, black pepper and Pecorino cheese. It’s a delicious plate for the pickiest of eaters.

Famous Noodle Dishes

• Udon – using thick Japanese udon noodles, it can be eaten both hot and cold. It is typically eaten with chopsticks. Unlike in other countries, slurping to take in the flavor is very welcome.
• Chow Mein – as mentioned above, the dish uses fried noodles. It can be served with different meats and veggies, or with vegetables only. Many people enjoy the crispy taste of egg noodles.
• Pho – pronounced ‘Fuh,’ this dish usually uses rice noodles and a rich broth. Meat is often thin-sliced beef. Common toppings include basil and cilantro. Depending on the restaurant, you may be offered other condiments to choose from.

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