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Man Found Photos From Europe In 1904, Revealing How Everything Looked Before Modern Technology

When you look at vintage photos, what are the things that you think about? Things were highly different before but people have adjusted to the life now that they cannot imagine how things were in the past.

It was Bill Nelson who discovered a packet of negatives. There was an estate sale at the Minneapolis area. Something about the negatives struck him. The first thing is that they are cut from a roll film. This is different from the films that were available in the 90’s that were thinner and smaller.

He wanted to get as much information about the films so he made the effort to scan them and develop them. It was a hard thing to do especially since the film was already brittle.

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These photos gave an obvious sign about how life was at that time. It is best that you take a look at the photos that were developed from the film. You can give your own opinion through the comments that you can leave at the end of the article.

1. Four Boys From Volendam, Netherlands

2. Tourists At The Frauenkirche, Nürnberg, Germany

3. Mother And Daughter On Mountain Top, Austria

4. Two Gentlemen, London

5. Cockington Forge, Devon, England

6. Market, Bayreuth, Germany

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7. Net Mender, Étretat, Normandy, France

8. Mature Woman On Bench

9. Oldest Man In Clovelly, England

10. Men And Girl On The Docks, Marken, Netherlands

11. Marken Girls, Marken, Netherlands

12. Girls In Cottage, Marken, Netherlands

13. Omnibuses, London, England

14. Fishing Boats, Volendam, Netherlands

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15. Asparagus Sellers, Vienna, Austria

16. Steep Street, Clovelly, Devon, England

17. Women In Market, Bayreuth, Germany

18. Steigersgrachtwater, Rotterdam, Netherlands

19. Laundry On The Beach, Étretat, France

20. On The Charles Bridge, Prague, Czechoslovakia

There are still a lot of these pictures that are developed by Bill Nelson. How do you feel when you are looking at the pictures? A lot of people feel nostalgic. Some wish that they can bring back the simple life even for just a while.

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