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10 Incredible Health Benefits Of Pineapple Juice

If you watch television or stream free channels from a casting device, you’ve no doubt seen commercials about how many benefits there are to fruit juice. While there are many you can drink, the variety of benefits for pineapple juice may outweigh that of others in the same family. Here are some major benefits of the juice from this group of ‘coalesced berries’:

1. Lower Your Blood Pressure

If you are one who suffers from high blood pressure, then you might want to think about adding pineapple juice to your diet. A well-renowned science journal published a study linking bromelain, the enzyme most concentrated in a pineapple, and the regulation of high blood pressure.

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Along with potassium, bromelain can significantly reduce one’s likelihood of succumbing to heart-related conditions.

2. Boosts Immunity

Looking for a more tropical flavor in your morning fruit juice? Add a heaping of vitamin C to your morning smoothie and feel that boost. If it feels like you don’t have time for fresh fruit with your schedule, you can always buy the canned variety.

In addition to the vitamin C already in the fruit, most canned pineapples are given an extra dose of vitamin C. You’ll be getting twice the immunity boost from them.

Improve your immune system by jolting the production of your white blood cells, every human’s body main defense against disease and infection.

3. Regulates Mood Swings

Everyone tends to have their off days and sometimes we don’t know how to come down. Many people find their favorite beverage is what helps them “mellow out.”
Having trouble maintaining a level head and don’t want to turn to artificial means of doing so?

Thanks to research conducted by the Department of Clinical Biochemistry, at Aarhus University Hospital in Denmark, we now know vitamin b6 can reduce your level of depression and even regulate endorphins.

Regulating one’s hormones without drugs sounds pretty damn cool.

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4. Take Care of That Cough

It isn’t always easy to keep a cough in check or stop from having a fit. One might resort to the traditional cough syrup or some spray for the throat. But who wants to taste that medicine before trying to sleep?

Consider having a small drink of pineapple juice instead. It’s a great way to relieve that soreness caused by the constant coughing. To really give it power, some say to add salt, pepper, and honey.

5. Anti-inflammatory Properties

Reading or hearing the words “anti-inflammatory” might make one think of a drug such as ibuprofen or Motrin. The problem with these drugs is that, if taken for a prolonged period can cause stomach problems.

Fresh pineapple juice can do the same thing without the potential for stomach pains, thanks to the bromelain content. You can even treat that pain and swelling caused by arthritis. It’s also great for clearing up your sinuses.

6. Improve Fertility

Scientific studies have found strong links between fertility and the potassium, vitamin C, and host of b vitamins in pineapple juice. Reproductive hormones increased in both men and women.

7. Helps with Digestion

Bromelain isn’t just great for your inflammation and blood pressure. It can also help people who have been having digestive troubles. The enzyme actually helps the bowels get moving and helps to make proper digestion possible.

The pineapple juice may help out a lot if you’ve got a bowel-related illness or disease.

8. Promotes Growth

For our body to grow and heal properly, we need to supply it with the proper nutrients to regrow its cells. If you’ve recently had major surgery and are restricted to liquids, the vitamin C in pineapple juice may help you heal more quickly.

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It won’t give you Deadpool-level healing, but you will be up slightly faster than most.

9. Cancer Prevention Aid

A study conducted at Mangayalatan University in India found that bromelain may be an excellent addition to the arsenal against cancer. While chemo-therapy can outright kill the cancer cells, pineapple juice has been shown in studies to severely lower the speed at which cancer cells grow.

Test tube studies have shown it can prevent cancers such as colon, bile duct, skin, and even breast cancer.

10. Boost Muscle Function

If you want to go to the gym on a regular basis, you’ll need to add potassium to your diet to help prevent lactic acid burn. Pineapple juice is very high in potassium and can potentially regulate muscle contractions and help maintain proper fluid levels.

If you are on a specific diet, ask your doctor before adding or removing anything from it to minimize risk. Do not stop any treatment unless otherwise specified by your primary care provider.

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