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This Cute Pitbull Screaming Like A Person Will Make Your Day

Various breeds of dog exist. Some are small enough to fit into bags and others are large enough to stand at equal height with basketball players. With varying levels of intelligence, we never know what to expect from our canine friends. A dog named Mo shows us another side to his breed most people don’t see.

There are a number of dog breed who can vocalize like crazy. Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes are known to vocally protest something they do or do not want. But what about other breeds. Are they able to make similar noises?

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Mo is a Pit-bull, a breed of dog most people think is prone to aggression at the slightest irritation. But as his fur mom found out, this was definitely not the case for Mo and likely the majority of Pit-bulls.

Mo was found by his mom, a collar around his neck and a lead attached, by himself in the park. The pup had no problem running up to her like they’d been family for years.

What she found out when they first met was Mo was a talkative one. His vocalizations sound a little like a small child trying to get their parents’ attention. The noises never stop, even when he’s meeting new people. They also get to enjoy the ‘songs’ that come out of the canine’s mouth.

After a stint in the local shelter, Mo was adopted by the woman who brought him in, ensuring that he would have a forever home.

Mo has to be one of the most human-sounding dogs out there. A lot of dogs vocalize, but rarely do they do it like this one. Not only does he scream like a small child, but he can even chirp like a bird on occasion.

If you want to see more hilarious adventures with Mo, check out his Instagram page.

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