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Planets From Our Solar System Emit Different Sounds

Space is a dark and scary place. There is still so much about it that we do not understand about the universe that surrounds us. We have all seen pictures of the amazing things that exist in our galaxy and further out into the abyss.

What we’ve never heard and many may not know is that they have their own unique sound.

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In an effort to study the solar system and the space that surrounds us, NASA has sent up many probes. Each is outfitted with a set of instruments specific to each of their missions. One of the features the agency made sure to build into all their machines was the ability to record radio emissions.

The space agency used the sound recording equipment on their Voyager probe and others to record the radio wave output of Saturn’s rings. What was returned was an eerie noise that was strangely similar to the imagined transmissions portrayed in sci-fi movies from the 40s and 50s.

With the planets rings being so large and full of different minerals in its ice crystals, different sections appeared to give off different radio frequencies.

Miranda, a moon of Uranus, emitted a sound similar to that of an empty hallway.

Meanwhile the planet Neptune’s radio waves sounded like winds carrying the sounds of crickets during the night.

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Earth’s recording, unsurprisingly, had many different radio emissions. In some areas, it was the natural sound of the planet itself, and in others the sound of the human life moving around on its surface.

Aside from probes equipped to do so, NASA has a radio telescope in Arecibo, Puerto Rico that records radio emissions from deep space and is able to send them out. During its unveiling ceremony a radio transmission carrying the number 1,679.

It is not common knowledge, but you and your pets also have a unique radio emission. Pretty amazing that we share something like that with the planets in the sky.

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