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A City In Spain Preserves Its Old Town’s Beauty By Banning Cars

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The first car ever was said to have been invented and created by Karl Benz between 1885 and 1886. Since then, many people have chosen cars as their primary method of transportation. While cruising by places in a nice car is fun, some feel that it may take away from the experience altogether.

The Spanish city of Pontevedra is one such place to take that idea to heart.

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The country of Spain is known for many notable cities such as Barcelona and the capital city of Madrid.

While these places are nice to visit, there are a whole lot of automobiles on the road that can make it hard to enjoy the sights as a simple pedestrian. Although these are also two of the oldest in the country, their old town sections are exactly like Pontevedra.

In 1999, the city put forth a policy that made it so no cars were allowed in Old Town Pontevedra. Thanks to this policy, it has allowed an influx of pedestrian explorers to the well-preserved medieval section of the city, allowing for better appreciation of its beauty.

The beautiful chapel of Capela de Peregrina, built in 1972, it has both a baroque and neoclassical style about it. It is built in the shape of a scallop shell to represent the pilgrims to Santiago de Compostela. If you want a nice view of the city, supervised access to the top floor is allowed.

If you’re more into checking out art and history, Sexto Edificio is a nice place to visit. Pieces from the 20th century, back to the Middle Ages and Roman times are featured.

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Aside from the museum and old chapels, Pontevedra has a few great stores to shop at and restaurants where you can taste the local flavor.
A place where everything is within walking distance of each other? That sounds like a great place to visit. What do you think?

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