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20 Popular Diets Ranked From Worst To Best

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With so many different diets out there to try, it’s not an easy task to choose the right one. After all, the success of each diet falls to individual needs. Also, the first thing that you simply have to do before you start any diet, is to talk with your doctor. That’s the initial step.

The World Report and the U.S. News released and the annual list of the best diets if you are keen to change your eating habits. Moreover, the annual list was shaped around scientific research.

Each diet is rated based on a diversity of aspects such as safety first, then the ability to provide results, and how easy it is to follow. Read on to discover more about 20 of the most popular, and most efficient, diets.

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20. The Whole 30 Diet

The Whole 30 diet is a 30-day plan that allows you to eat whole foods. This dies is similar to the Paleo diet, with a slight difference when it comes to maple syrup and honey. These two are not allowed here.

With this diet, you don’t get to eat sugar, dairy, grains or legumes, because it’s believed that this food increases energy and stress level. But, you are allowed to eat eggs, nuts, vegetables, seafood, and even fruit.

19. The Paleo Diet

This diet follows the eating habits of prehistoric humans. You can eat meat, fish, fruits, nuts, seeds, and vegetables. The main idea of this diet is to go back to a more natural way of eating. You will lose weight with this diet, as well as some of the crucial vitamins.

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For the best results with this diet, you should exercise and drink plenty of water. You should drink supplements also. Furthermore, scientists proved that people who were on this diet have better control of their blood pressure and lower triglycerides.

18. The Dukan Diet

This diet is all about the proteins because the creators of this diet believe that protein is the key to weight loss. According to them, you can lose up to ten pounds in just seven days. Interestingly, this diet comes with a long list of rules.

The Dukan Diet has four different phases. The first phase allows you to eat all that you can. Afterward, each phase brings something new to the diet, including bread, cheese, and vegetables.

17. The Atkins Diet

You have probably heard about this one, right? The Atkins diet became popular in the 1970s. Back then, Dr. Atkins released the book ‘Dr. Atkins Diet Revolution’. The idea for this book was a low-carbohydrate diet that has four phases.

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Each phase allows you to eat more carbs, but you start by eating 20 grams of carbs. The main goal of this diet is to reduce the number of carbs you eat. That way you burn fat. You can expect to eat a lot of lean meat, olive oil, and six-ounce servings.

16. The Raw Food Diet

Yes, as the title says – you will eat food that isn’t cooked. This diet can improve your overall health and help you lose weight. Also, bear in mind that food is considered to be raw when it is only cooked up to 118 degrees. People who follow this diet, tend to dehydrate their food before eating it.

If you want to try this diet, start by eliminating animal protein. Also, you should eliminate processed food as well. At least 75% of the food you eat should be raw. Safe raw food includes fruits, legumes, seeds, milk made from nuts, olive oil, and vegetable.

15. The Fast Diet

The Fast Diet is a low-calorie dieting plan that you follow for two days of the week. It means that during these two days, you need to cut your caloric intake down to 25% of what you would eat in general. During the other five days of the week, you can eat whatever you want.

During those two days of the week men are limited to 600 calories, and women to 500 calories. During these days you should eat food rich in proteins, including carrots, nuts, legumes, strawberries, or skinless chicken.

14. The Acid Alkaline Diet

Your body produces a significant amount of metabolic waste that can be removed by eating more alkaline food. Furthermore, it’s believed that eating more alkaline food can improve your overall health.

You can eat vegetable, nuts, legumes, and fruit. On the other hand, you should avoid foods such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy, grains, and alcohol. If you want to check the alkalinity of your body via pH strips. This can help you to choose the amount of alkaline food to eat.

13. The Medifast Diet

This is a rather easy approach. You order the food from their website and they deliver it to your home. The food is based on eating low-calorie and low-fat foods.

The company sells shakes, soup, hot cocoa, oatmeal, pudding, and energy bars. Furthermore, the site claims that you can lose two to five pounds per week if you follow their plan.

12. The Macrobiotic Diet

This is a pescatarian diet and it draws inspiration for food from Buddhism. The main idea here is to balance the yin and yang between food and your cookware, while you are eliminating animal protein at the same time.

If you want to try this diet, be ready that you will be eating lots of fruit, legumes, seaweed, whole grains, and vegetables. You may expect to eat seafood or fish in moderation once to two times a week. Speak with your doctor before you switch to this diet, as it often can lead to vitamin deficiencies.

11. The Glycemic Index Diet

The Glycemic Index diet tends to help you eat foods that keep your blood sugar at a healthy level. This diet is helpful to people with diabetes. The glycemic index puts several foods based on the amount of sugar it contains.

So, if you have diabetes or other chronic health conditions, this diet may help you lose weight and minimize symptoms. Therefore, you will be eating food rich in carbohydrates that won’t increase your blood sugar. Furthermore, you should avoid potatoes, white bread, and rice.

10. The Zone Diet

This diet was created by biochemist to lower inflammation in the body. To follow this diet correctly, you will need to eat a daily menu consisting of 30% fat, 40% carbohydrates, and 30% protein.

You will have to use either eye method or hand metho in addition to Zone food blocks. You can use hands to determine portion sizes, and eyes will help you estimate portions on your plate. Zone food blocks will help you to figure out how many carbs, fat, and protein to eat daily. You can only have a set amount of block to use per meal.

9. The Eco-Atkins Diet

This diet is very similar to the original Dr. Atkins diet. However, the main difference lies in the amount of protein and low carbs. The Eco-Atkins diet is exclusively vegetarian. Moreover, this diet aims to lower bad cholesterol and eliminate animal protein from your diet.

People with high cholesterol can lower their cholesterol by eating a diet based on healthy fats, nuts, soy, fruits, vegetables, and beans. Needed protein and carbohydrates come from foods like avocados, barley, and veggie burgers.

8. The Abs Diet

The Abs Diet is meant to be done for only six weeks to tone and lose weight around your midsection. During the six weeks, you will eat six times a day and alternate between snacks and full meals. You will have to include power foods as well.

Power foods include things like eggs, almonds, raspberries, and even peanut butter. For true success, exercise is a must. For this diet, you can find many books with recipes and guidelines for workout routines.

7. The Biggest Loser Diet

You are probably familiar with the TV show of the same, and that’s how this diet was born. The Biggest Loser Diet has a menu made from a four-step pyramid. It includes four servings of different fruit and vegetable, three servings of lean protein, next to two servings of whole grains and 200 calories of extra choices.

It’s crucial to combine this diet with exercise and to drink plenty of water. You should avoid caffeine as well. With this diet, you will lower your chances of stroke, heart disease, and even type 2 diabetes.

6. The Volumetrics Diet

A nutrition professor at Penn State University, Barbara Rolls, designed this diet, that is quite interesting. With this diet, you can choose foods with high water content like watermelon, sour, and cucumbers.

Besides, this food will make you feel full faster without excess calories. This diet will encourage you to find healthy food to eat that is similar to what you are craving. For example, if you are craving for a cake, you could eat a sweet type of fruit instead.

5. The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is one of the most popular diets in the world. Originally, it is inspired by foods found in Spain, Greece, and Italy. With this diet, you will eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, legumes, olive oil, fish, legumes, yogurt, and even wine.

If you decide to follow this diet you will lower the risk of heart disease and other chronic illnesses. It may also help to lessen the number of symptoms associated with mental health conditions.

4. The Fertility Diet

This diet was designed for women to help boost their chances of getting pregnant. The Fertility diet will increase the ability to ovulate through eating correctly. However, there is no guarantee that you will get pregnant, but you will have higher chances.

This diet comes with a ten-step program, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t do it at your own pace. You will eat plenty of plant protein, whole grains, and at least one serving of whole milk a day.

3. The Mayo Clinic Diet

The Mayo Clinic Diet was created by a team of weight-loss experts. The diet was designed to help people break unhealthy eating habits and start practicing only the healthy ones.

With this diet, you can intake an unlimited amount of fruit and vegetable. The diet runs based off of a ‘Lose it!’ and ‘Live it!’ philosophy. This diet is more of a lifelong commitment to healthy living.

2. The Weight Watchers Diet

The whole idea around Weight Watchers is that it works on a specific point system where foods are worth a certain number of points. You can eat whatever you want, but you can go over the set number of points for each day.

There is even an app for your phone that allows you to input the foods that you eat to keep track of your points. There are over 200 different types of healthy food that are worth ZERO points.

1. The DASH Diet

The DASH diet stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. This diet is number one because it was designed to help lower blood pressure without medication. But, you will have to lower the amount of sodium in your diet. Moreover, you will have to eat food rich in calcium, magnesium, and potassium.

With the DASH diet, you can eat up to 2,000 calories a day, but it has to broken down into serving sizes. The best option would be if you could eat six to eight servings of grains such as bread, pasta, and rice.

Also, you should consume four to five servings of fruit and vegetables, two to three servings of dairy, and up to six ounces of lean meat. With this diet, you can also have sweets, but it should be less than five servings a week.

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