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Here Are What Your Favorite Memes Look Today

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Imagine your worst photo, that you don’t want anyone alive ever to see, being available online all the time, to everyone. It sounds like a nightmare, right? Well, not really if it’s a good meme. And when something is good, the Internet doesn’t let it do. Or forgets it. Ever.

Let’s face it – we are more familiar with our favorite memes than with our favorite celebrities or relatives. After all, memes are perfect for describing every situation. Over time, we get to know even ‘meme people’ faces so well. But do you know their faces now?

Remember ‘Success Kid’? Well you should see him now. Are you ready? Let’s go! (Success Kid is #11!)

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20. Gavin The Kid

Gavin is not just one meme. No, he has a series of expressive memes. You can follow his life daily on social media. However, some are not happy with this option.

Many consider that Gevin’s parents are ‘too pushy’ and violenting his life. However, we won’t know how he feels about this until he gets older. Until then, if you can’t find the words, tell it with Gavin’s face.

19. Side-Eyeing Chloe (Chloe)

There is a real story behind this photo. Two-years-old Chloe and her sister just discovered that they would visit Disneyland. Disneyland is usually the dream of many, but Chloe couldn’t share the enthusiasm.

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Now, both Chloe and her sister Lilly are growing, and they have joined Instagram accounts. At the same time, they are earning money that goes into their college fund.

18. Roll Safe Guy

This meme is perfect when you want to point out how bad the idea is. So, when you need sarcasm, you use a ‘roll safe’ meme. Example: I can’t lose a few pounds if I keep eating.

Kayode Ewumi is a British actor on the rise, and you can watch him in a brand-new television show called ‘Enterprice.’

17. Hide The Pain Harold

You know that feeling when you are dying inside, but you still have to smile? András Arató knows for sure. After all, he is the guy behind the ‘hide the pain Harold’ meme.

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András is a Hungary resident who decided to pose for some stock photos. So, when he went viral, he took more photos. He even delivered a Ted talk about being a meme face. He is also very active on social media.

16. Conceited Guy

Be careful of this meme. If someone posts this meme to you, it means that your statement, action, or honesty is questioned. The truth is that you will never see it for a positive reason. So, why did this guy made this face anyway?

This doubting face was pulled for the camera while a rapped named Conceited was in the middle of a rap battle. Nowadays, you can see him in the MTC series ‘Wild’n Out.’

15. Good Luck Charlie (Mia Talerico)

Mia Talerico is known for her role in ‘Good Luck Charlie’ to some, while for others, she is known as the ultimate IDK symbol.

Now, Mia is not that little, but she is still acting. It seems that she knows what she wants. Good luck, Mia!

14. Doge (Kabosu)

In 2010, Atsuko Sako, a Japanese kindergarten teacher, rescued Shiba Inu and posted the photo on her blog. From that moment on, Kabosu became the face of all dogs.

Kabosu was sitting on a couch, with raised eyebrows and crossed paws, ready to have a photo of his life. And he nailed it! Now, Kabosu is all grown up and still a good boy.

13. Overly Attached Girlfriend (Laina Morris)

The majority of memes are made by accident. But that’s not the case with Overly Attached Girlfriend. The creator, Laina, put a lot of effort into creating a parody on Justin Bieber’s video ‘Boyfriend.’

Since her meme went viral and her YouTube channel kicked off, a lot of things happened. So, she decided to step back from the online world and deal with her anxiety and depression privately.

12. Ridiculously Photogenic Guy (Zeddie Smith)

When you run, you are probably fighting to catch a new breath, and you don’t think about your look, unless you are this guy.

This happy runner is Zeddie Little, who noticed the camera and smiled. The rest is history. According to his Instagram account, he still runs and looks good while doing it.

11. Success Kid (Sam Griner)

This meme started in 2007 when Laney Griner uploaded a photo of her son Sammy trying to eat sand, to Flickr. Initially, it was captioned ‘I Hate Sandcastle,’ suggesting that he destroyed another kid’s sandcastle.

As it turned out, Sammy loves sandcastles, and he went from the hater to the ‘success kid.’ Now, older Sam gets embarrassed when associated with the meme. But, he did pull off a big campaign upon his image when his father needed kidney transplantation.

10. Grumpy Cat (Tardar Sauce)

Grumpy Cat took the world by the storm. It was enough to upload just a few photos of this feline on Reddit, and it took off. Since then, Grumpy had a famous Instagram account, a movie, and a shoe line.

Sadly, the Grumpy Cat passed away on May 14, 2019. Tardar had complications from a urinary tract infection. Tributes were posted everywhere.

9. Bad Luck Brian (Kyle Craven)

Brian is actually Kyle Craven. His photo was posted in 2012 by a long-time friend with a simple caption saying: “Takes driving test .?.?. gets first DUI.”

Kyle now works for his family construction firm. In the meantime, he goes to different conferences and talks with people. In short, he had luck!

8. Disaster Girl (Zoe Roth)

A little girl smiling next to the burning house will always give you goosebumps. Dave Roth took a photo of his daughter, Zoe, during the local fire department drill in 2004. A few years later, he uploaded it online, and it went viral.

This famous girl is now 18, and she is focused on her studies. In her free time, she loves to travel and jokes about the photo. Who knows, maybe the meme will help her pay off her college!

7. Ermahgerd (Maggie Goldenberger)

Maggie was so excited about her new Goosebumps books in the 1990s that her reaction was an absolute hit in 2012. And today?

Nowadays, Meggie is a nurse working on her way up to the comedy world. She also has a fantastic bookshelf for sure!

6. First World Problems (Silvia Bottini)

Can’t find your keys? There is no Wi-Fi? Then, you are facing the first world problems! And this lady can relate. But did you know that is an actress? This lady is an award-winning Italian actress.

The First World Problems person is Silvia Bottin, an Italian actress. Currently, she is working on a film. The topic? How it feels to be a world-known meme face.

5. Scumbag Steve (Blake Boston)

Scumbag Steve is actually Blake, and the photo that made him famous was taken by his mom, in his grandmother’s house. His odd looks made him famous in no time.

Blake has no regrets and speaks openly about his life. He is especially active on Twitter and looks like scumbag-no-more.

4. Blinking White Guy (Drew Scanlon)

Drew Scanlon was watching a game back in 2013 and supporting his buddy. Simple said, he minded his business. But his reaction couldn’t go unnoticed. His blink was the best meme in 2017.

Two years after his meme success, Scanlon started his own YouTube channel and has over 16,000 patrons supporting him on Patreon. Blink on that!

3. Hipster Barista (Dustin Mattson)

Dustin will be forever known as hipster barista, with his t-shirt, tattoos, beard, and edgy scarf. He was giving an interview and talked about the coffee when someone decided that he would be a right choice for joke memes.

This real-life barista is hugely disappointed that people don’t understand and appreciate the world of coffee. He also said that this meme position only inspires him to be better at his work.

2. Confused Math Lady (Renata Sorrah)

She looks like Julia Roberts, but she isn’t. In reality, she is an actress as well, just in Brazil, and her name is Renata Sorrah.

This meme is a shot from a TV show from the telenovela, Senhora do Destino. You know how Latin telenovelas can be confusing, so no wonder that she had some math to help her.

11. Trying To Hold In A Fart Guy (Michael McGee)

It’s hard to believe, but Micheal didn’t have to fart. He can make this face on command. But he does regret now one thing.

He regrets no copyrighting the photo when it was uploaded in Reddit. Why? So far, he could make a lot of money.

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