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12 Step Guide To Prepare For A Blizzard

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A blizzard is a heavy snowstorm that affects only a few places in the world. Some locations might be more prone to such an event if one takes into account geographical location and temperature during a given time of year. Because it is a seldom-experienced weather event, not everyone is familiar with how to prepare.

If you plan on taking a nice vacation in the snow, here are a few tips to prepare in the event that a blizzard throws a wrench in your plans:

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1. Buy a Hand-Crank Light

My family had used butane-fuel lanterns when I was a child. But as I grew older, we ended buying a few of these. These are an important essential in case of a power outage. Equipped with LED bulbs, they require no spare batteries as a couple of wind-ups should power it as needed.

Depending on where you are shopping, the device can run anywhere $10 to $25.

2. Don’t Forget the Radio

Lights help keep you oriented, but you should also think about staying informed during a blizzard. Just like the hand-crank light, a hand-crank radio is powered by a few wind-ups. Traditional devices simply came with a few stations, but modern version come with a USB port. You’ll be able to keep up that Candy Crush score, even during those skin-tearing storms.

3. Freeze Alarm

Temperatures during a blizzard are completely unpredictable. Whether you are vacationing or living in a place prone to them, it might be a good idea to invest in a freeze alarm.

Pre-program it to call three numbers when a storm knocks out your power. It can also be used to alert you if temperatures get too low. You can find one on Amazon for a little less than $200.

4. The Batter Back-Up Sump Pump

Anyone with a basement knows the dangers of possible flooding. Those who are especially mindful of such would have the foresight to invest in a Battery Back-up Sump Pump.

The device is used to drain accumulated water from the ‘sump basin,’ located in a specific corner of the basement.

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5. Emergency Kit(s)

One can reduce the likelihood of injury simply by avoiding certain behaviors. But a blizzard can throw unpredictable curveballs your way. A properly stocked emergency kit will come with items such as: a suture needle, gauze, bandages, anti-bacterial ointment, smelling salts, and medications based on individual needs.

6. Weatherseal Tape

We don’t all have a spare window lying around. So when a blizzard blows a branch or tree towards a window causing large cracks, you’ll be thankful you have Weatherseal Tape on standby.

Not only can it be used to temporarily patch up a cracked window, but you can also use it to stop that breeze from coming through the door no one ever opens.

7. Don’t Forget to Gas Up

Most people nowadays will have at least one or two gas cans in their garage or storage shed. Before that big blizzard makes landfall where you live, consider investing in a newer gas can you know is airtight.

If the storm’s going to be a particularly bad one, it wouldn’t hurt to get a can that holds at least 5 gallons.

8. Portable Generator

If you’ve ever been camping to a grounds that is frequented by RVs, it’s likely you’ve seen these in use. When you need more light than a hand-crank light can provide, a portable generator can go a long way towards emergency preparedness.

9. High-End Work Gloves

There’s no need to spend $100 on a pair of gloves, but make certain to get them from somewhere besides the 99 cents store. Look for something waterproof with multiple thick layers, to help keep your hands pretty as you remove and dispose of debris.

10. Chainsaw(s)

From wind or being crushed under too much snow, tree branches can break or even fall with the tree they are attached to. When the debris is too large to move by hand, having a chainsaw to cut the pieces up is important.

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11. Salt Spreader

It’s impossible to predict exactly how much snowfall there will be during a blizzard. When the winds are calm, you can take care of the past results with a walk behind salt spreader.

Some might simply spread it from the hand, but this device will help you cover a larger area with half the work required.

12. Height-Adjustable Shovel

With the salt having broken up the compacted snow, a proper shovel is a necessary addition to helping clean up your drive way and the paths leading to the front door.

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