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Everybody Was Touched By This Young Man’s Reaction To Seeing His Prom Date On Prom Day

Prom is one of the most important occasions for most teens. It is the special day when girls really try to look their best, and boys are trying to find their best prom dates. But for Morgan, this prom night meant much more. Her prom date was Tarik, one of her best friends too, and when he came to pick her up for prom Megan decided to surprise him in the most wonderful way.

Tarik was one of the few persons in her life that knew about her health problem. He always supported her. After she shared their reactions to her surprise on Twitter, her video went viral and reached 12.6 million views. Tarik was so shocked and happy with what she showed him.

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1. Morgan From Texas

Morgan Coultress is a senior at Health Careers High School in San Antonio, Texas. Like most of her friends, prom was a big date that she was looking forward to.

But 18-year-old Morgan couldn’t possibly predict that she probably won’t be able to enjoy her prom night as she had imagined. A very unpleasant thing will happen to her that could possibly ruin her prom and years to follow.

2. Surgery

While most girls start planning their outfits and makeup for prom months before it, Morgan wasn’t lucky enough to be doing the same. Instead, this girl had a surgery 10 months before her prom.

Unluckily for this girl from Texas. The surgery led to further complications that almost made this girl completely desperate. But she was strong and stayed positive, despite what doctors said.

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3. Slow Recovery

After the surgery, new problems arose for this 18-year-old girl from San Antonio, Texas. The recovery didn’t go as they all planned, but instead, they discovered something that will make the situation only worse.

No one could foresee this coming, but doctors told that she had a condition that was not explainable by medical evaluation. They believed that what she had could have big consequences on her life.

4. Diagnosis

The condition that was discovered after Morgan’s surgery was Condition Disorder. This disorder was really particular as it didn’t have many explanations that could help in treating it.

It is a mental condition in which a person could have various symptoms that could go from blindness or other nervous system issues to paralysis. Leg paralysis is what attacked Morgan and after the surgery, she wasn’t able to walk by herself anymore.

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5. Positive Attitude

No matter how bad the situation was, Morgan stayed very positive and gave her best to stay as much positive as possible. She exercised daily in the hospital and was trying to move her legs as much as she could.

She worked hard to get better each day, despite knowing her chances of getting to walk again were really low. How would she go to the prom with her prom date like this?

6. Prom Getting Near

While other girls were trying out new outfits and preparing themselves to walk in heels, all Morgan could do is work hard and don’t lose faith.

She accepted that it was a big possibility for her to spend her prom in wheels, missing some of the most magical moments she could have remembered for the rest of her life.

7. Princess

While she was quite sad because she couldn’t go hand in hand with her prom date Tarik to the prom. She, however, gave her best to look the best she could.

Morgan really looked like a princess in her dress and with beautiful makeup, she put on so precisely. But although she looked her best this night, she was going to do something that will inspire everyone and teach the world an important lesson.

8. Prom Date

Her prom date, Tarik Garcia, was one of her biggest supporters throughout the troubles. Even if he knew that he won’t be able to walk his prom date to prom like other boys, he was still happy to share this special night with Morgan.

But he had no idea that Morgan will find a way to surprise him in a way he would never expect. What she did will make their prom so special that they will remember it so clearly when they get old.

9. Biggest Surprise

Morgan was preparing for this moment for quite a while. Despite her movement limitations, she looked like a real princess and was ready for a surprise that will bring joyful reactions from her and her date.

When Tarik rang the door to pick her up for prom, Morgan stood up on her own two feet! To everyone’s surprise, she could walk by her own after 10 entire months of not being able to move her legs independently.

10. Viral Video

When Tarik saw Morgan walking towards her to greet him, he just couldn’t contain his reactions. He was so happy that he just ran into her and hugged her.

The real and beautiful emotions of Tarik to the surprise his prom date made him were taken on camera and touched hearts of people from across the world.

11. Couple Photos

Their faces were so obviously happy and filled with joy that they couldn’t hide it. The prom couple took photos before heading out to their party.

Tarik definitely showed that he was her best supporter. He was so sincere in his reaction that everybody was in awe how much he loved his friend.

12. Beautiful Story

Both Morgan and Tarik enjoyed the prom night much better than they could have expected. Not only will this be a story both of them will tell their kids when they become parents.

But the video of the surprise also inspired many people throughout the world. Morgan showed that with a lot of hard work and positive attitude she was able to overcome her leg paralysis.

13. Prom Queen

The surprise she gave to her prom date wasn’t the only thing that will make this day so special. Morgan appeared in a beautiful dress to the prom and everybody fell in love when seeing her so happy and walking by her own.

She was voted the prom queen and her friends were so happy to share this beautiful moment with her. Morgan really deserved the title, not only because of her beauty and style but also because she showed how much of a warrior she was.

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